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September 30, 2010

Online Tuxedo Shops and What to Look For

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Peak Lapel Tuxedo Package

Peak Lapel Tuxedo with Formal Bow Tie

Online shops that cater to those looking for tuxedos and men’s formal wear accessories have become commonplace. After surfing the Internet for just a few seconds, you’ll find a large number of sites. You may be confused by the choices and intimidated in trying to purchase formal wear online. Here are five important features or elements to look for in an online tux shop.

Variety of Formal Wear

Go with a men’s formal wear site that carries many different styles and designer names. You want choice when it comes to purchasing a tuxedo. And that doesn’t pertain to just the look. Purchase your formal wear from a site that has a range of prices.

Tuxedo Packages

If you’re purchasing a tuxedo look for a shop that offers packages that include everything you need for that very special occasion. These tuxedo packages will often include very large discounts. They are especially good for the guy who is buying his first tuxedo. One great thing about tuxedo packages is that they are tastefully coordinated, so you know you’re going to be wearing the right combination of elements.

Formal Wear Accessories

A tuxedo shop that also carries cuff links & studs, formal shoes, suspenders, canes, hats and more can be very helpful, especially when you’re looking to augment the tuxedo you’re presently purchasing or enhance the one you own.

Help in Choosing the Right Formal Attire

Although the shop is online, they should not be inaccessible. Go with a shop that offers information on how a tuxedo should fit and that is willing to work with you via the phone, chat or email. If you have questions, they should be there to answer them.

Tuxedo Store Return Policy

Finally, you want an Internet formal wear shop that has a fair return policy and a guarantee. The standard amount of time for returns is 30 days. The return policy should be clearly explained on the site.

Use these five guidelines when looking for a men’s formal wear site. Although there are very specific styles and rules that inform men’s formal wear, the fact is that there’s a lot of leeway and variety. The rules and the variety can be confusing and of concern to those who are purchasing a tuxedo for the first time. The bottom line is you want to find a site with which you’re comfortable and one that gives you confidence when you’re making a purchase.

September 29, 2010

Cufflinks and Studs: Express Your Individuality

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American Flag Cufflinks & Studs Set

American Flag Cufflinks & Studs Set

Cufflinks & Stud Sets Can be Your Signature with Men’s Formal Wear

One way that a man can set himself off from others when he’s dressing formally is through the cufflinks & studs that he chooses. Cufflinks and studs, which are used in lieu of buttons, can be interchanged depending upon the even you’re going to and look you want to create. Here’s a consideration of what studs and cufflinks can do for you when you’re dressed formally.

Variety in the Formal

These simple formal accessories can give you a wealth of variety of for as little as $25.00. They also lend credence to the power of the white formal shirt. By that we mean that the white tuxedo shirt acts as a neutral canvass on which you’re creating interest and individuality through your cufflinks and studs.

Trimmed and Smart

A coordinated set of studs and links is extremely smart looking. Along with offering a unified design, they create a polished, clean and tailored image. This is your image and studs and cufflinks, which make a clear, crisp link between the different planes of material that comprise your shirt, are partly responsible for that image. In fact, they define and detail it. They finish it and can do so perfectly.

Cufflinks & Studs Design Choices

Black studs and cufflinks with gold are rich looking and mother of pearl with brushed silver have a very clean flair. Other such accessories include studs and links featuring the American flag, three-leaf clover, treble clef and even numerous musical instruments. There are various patterned designs that alternate mother of pearl and black onyx. Checkerboard, stripes and diamonds are all on-hand.

Lots of Good Choices

There are many fine choices to be made when it comes to these formal accessories. You can go with classic styling, a trendy design or something lighthearted and playful. It’s partly up to your mood, what event you’re attending and the effect you want to create. Whatever type of cufflink and studs you choose, you should remember that you could easily change the effect they create by purchasing another set. Additionally, there’s variety to be found by wearing either silver or gold love knots, various types of cubic Zirconia and rhinestone studded cufflinks and studs.

Simple Formal Wear Solutions

Cufflinks and studs add a wonderful touch to any formal wear ensemble. Use the Internet to shop around for these accessories. You can spend anywhere from $25.00 to hundreds and, for those who have it and want to, even more. One of the best things about these accessories is that you don’t have to spend a lot to look elegant, sophisticated and stylish.

September 28, 2010

Men’s Formal Wear Style: Courtesy of Alec Baldwin

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Alec Baldwin in Peak TuxedoAlec Baldwin Looks Great at Lincoln Center

There’s something very classy and classic about Alec Baldwin. It’s as if the guy was made for a tuxedo. He just looks good when he’s in men’s formal wear. Baldwin was dressed formally and appropriately when he attended the New York Philharmonic 2010-11 season opening night gala at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts last Wednesday in New York. And as you can see, he was dressed in black tie.

Baldwin’s Formal Wear Look

Baldwin carries himself well no matter what he’s wearing, but he seems especially comfortable in a tuxedo. It may just be the fact that he’s been in show business so long and is such a vet that he’s not only used to the spotlight but he’s used to being seen at formal occasions over and over again and again. His style and demeanor carry a certain cache. There’s something genuinely real about his comfort zone when he dons formal wear.

The philharmonic is certainly not the place to start creating new looks. Thus, Baldwin’s black tux, satin lapels, black tie and black studs and cufflinks are all in step with opening night for the New York Philharmonic’s latest season. The classic peak lapel tuxedo, which has made a comeback over the years and is the original formal wear lapel, is a fine touch. The formal bow tie, which is patterned and textured, adds a nicely personal flair.

His Connection to the Philharmonic

It was just last year that Baldwin joined the New York Philharmonic as the host for its radio broadcasts. The orchestra performs a radio series of 52 performances entitled The New York Philharmonic This Week. Baldwin is also host with Robert Osborne of Turner Classic Movies The Essentials. In those telecast shows, he usually wears a suit jacket, dress shirt and open collar. But opening night at Avery Fisher Hall is just a tad more formal. The Award winning actor made his New York Philharmonic debut narrating the Inside the Music program on October 10, 2008, and returned to narrate the Inside the Music program on January 23, 2009.

Classic and Timeless Formal Look

Baldwin’s appearance in men’s formal wear at this year’s premiere performance of the New York Philharmonic is a fine pictorial reminder of how special that occasion is in terms of high art and how wonderful a man can look in traditional formal clothing. Great look, Alec!

September 20, 2010

Henry Ian Cusick at the EMMY Awards

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Henry Ian Cusick Wears Simon Carter Nicely

The star of ABC’s big series Lost, certainly looked anything but lost at this year’s 62nd Annual EMMY Awards as he wore London chic by British designer Simon Carter. Although he was not adorned with a black tie, Cusick still looked wonderful on the Red Carpet in his custom-made formal wear that included a vest that was stunningly tapered and a jacket with gross grain lapels. The beautifully trimmed trousers and pristine white shirt that was formally enclosed by the five-button vest fit Cusick’s dashing look nicely.

After the EMMY awards, the New York Times bemoaned the apparent death of the black tie at the event. But we feel it may simply be resting or waiting in the wings and not dead at all. It’s true that there’s something lost when someone like Cusick is a formal wear fashion plate from floor to just below the neck, leaving the finishing touch off, but he still looked as good as could be as he posed with his stunningly dressed wife Annie who wore a blue number by Addy Van Den Kromennacker.

A lot of celebs have been wearing the Simon Carter look to awards shows, including Jason Mraz, Robert Downey, Jr, Adrian Grenier, Josh Sussman, Edin Gali, and Crispin Glover. The London Chic look is the thing now. Carter is known for keeping to classic looks while playfully engaging in some modern day edginess. Whatever the case may be, Cusick looked perfectly at home and formally dressed at this year’s EMMY Awards. Then again, he’s got some good basic body material with which to work.

September 16, 2010

The Many Colors of Men’s Formal Wear

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The Colors of Your Formal Wear Life

It is autumn and this is a fine time to consider going with something other than black if you’re going to a formal occasion, especially if that occasion has an autumnal theme such as harvest time, Halloween or Thanksgiving.

In terms of color, you can consider buying a colored tuxedo jacket, shirt and/or accessories. You can go with one colorful element or enjoy combining various colored elements into an ensemble. Chances are that you don’t want to wear this type of tuxedo to a wedding but as mentioned above there are various types of formal events that allow you to enjoy the colors of the season.

As far as tuxedos go, why not make a statement this halloween with a solid pink tuxedo, an orange tuxedo, or one of another color. There are a range of colored tuxedo shirts that you can mix or match with a black tuxedo jacket, including blue, pink, yellow and green.

Maybe you want to still keep it relatively conservative, going with a black tux and tie and a white shirt while adding a patterned green vest and green tie with thin, black lines. If you’re thinking that’s too conservative, you may always add a green top hat and some green spats on your shoes.

If you’re going with a patterned jacket and trousers, then a solid shirt and vest or cummerbund will help to bring it all together, anchoring the look. By the way, if you want a really nice touch then be sure to coordinate your tie and vest or cummerbund. That can really create a coordinated look.

Give yourself an autumn look with a solid, deep-orange jacket, light carrot-colored shirt, black tie and pants and a cummerbund that features a white and orange pattern or one with black and white geometric forms such as circles or diamonds.

Men’s formal wear does not always have to be black and white. Even if you go with a basic black and white look, that doesn’t mean that you can’t embellish it with various colors. Celebrate the fall by becoming more colorful and enjoy the many shades of the season that you’ll find in tuxedo shirts, vests, cummerbunds, ties, trousers and, of course, jackets.

September 10, 2010

Men’s Formal Wear: Comfort Amongst Friends

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Comfort Amongst Friends

You may have very good friends at the event. Perhaps it’s an annual Christmas party or a special celebratory dinner or a wedding of a college buddy. The idea of being in your comfort zone with friends who are all dressed in the same costume and celebrating the same occasion will aid in reinforcing the special nature of the event, while helping to strengthen the bonds that you have. It’s good to have friends and to interact with them at occasions that are select and significant.

Let the Good Times Roll

Normally, you’ll be attired in men’s formal wear because you are going to an event that is designed to ensure that everyone has a good time. Thus, when you’re putting on your tuxedo you should create positive images of what those good times will be like. This is a time to get excited, be upbeat and to let all of your problems go by the wayside.

Come on, baby, let those good times roll! After all, that’s what your clothes are telling you!

Man’s Formal Wear Fun

There’s a lot of fun to be had when you’re wearing black tie. There are also a lot of fine perks when it comes to men’s formal wear. Make sure your tux is clean, pressed and immaculate and once you put it on, you’ll feel the same way.

Next Post: Real World Men’s Formal Wear Experience will Influence You!

September 8, 2010

Cuff Links and Studs – Express your Style

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Cuff Links and Studs

Cuff links and studs are amazingly cool machines. (Technically they are both levers.) They may be some of the smallest parts of your tux but these classy items can really make an impression.

On a tux shirt, it’s impossible to mistake black studs for buttons. They stand out against the shirt’s white cotton canvass and define and accentuate your shirt. Studs offer a polished, sophisticated look that a basic button can’t match.

And if you think your cuff links & studs won’t be noticed, then think again. The long sleeved tux shirt’s cuffs are made to be seen and so too are those gold cuff links that work so nicely at effortlessly holding the French cuffs together. Cuff links make for a wonderful touch, saying both literally and figuratively that you have your fashion act together.

The Incognito Effect

“Who is that man in that tux? Who is that man in that tux? Who could it be?”

It’s you! But a lot of people at the event may not know you and that means you’re not only a man of mystery, but an amazingly well dressed man of mystery. You’re incognito, wearing clothes you normally wouldn’t, and you look and feel about 100 points better than you normally do.

It’s fun to feel like a bit of a spy, a mysterious stranger and man of intrigue. Use it, play it and enjoy it.

Timeless Sense

Open yourself up to that time traveler feeling. Although men’s formal wear has changed over the past 150 years, it still has strong connections to its past. You can have the sense as if you’re in Brides Head Revisited, Howard’s End, Mansfield Park or even The Importance of Being Earnest. (Life can be a comedy in formal wear!)

Enjoy invoking that déjà vu feeling that men’s formal wear, engenders. Channel folks from the past and become someone else for a few moments. Don’t forget to get your mind back into reality, making the time traveler’s round trip. Man you’ll feel invigorated when you come back!

Men’s Formal Wear Fun….. Read more in the next post.

September 7, 2010

Color Blind? No Problem with Black Tie!

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Color Blind? No Problem with Black Tie!

About 7% of the male population is colorblind. Black tie certainly alleviates the strain associated with that disorder. Often men’s formal wear comes down to choices that are a matter of black and white. And even which items are black and which ones are white is preordained. Relax; you don’t have to be able to see green or red when you’re choosing men’s formal wear.

Of course, that’s because men’s formal wear tends to be monochromatic, which allows for the gentlemen’s personality to dominate. Even the color choices, when there are such, are fairly standard and limited. Thus, there’s no wondering, “Does this black tie go with this black jacket and white shirt?”

The answer is not only, “Yes.” It’s “always.”

Relax colorblind men—you’ve got a friend in formal wear.

Quality Clothing Feels Great

Get the right fit in your men’s formal wear and you will simply feel fantastic. Your jacket, if properly fit, won’t constrain or bind and your pants will move with you. If you’re not used to wearing a tux, you may feel a bit awkward at first, but that should not be a problem. Walk around, sit down, do a dance move or two and you’ll start to feel right at home. Quality threads feel good on the bod.

Rules Test Your IQ

If you’re looking for a mental challenge, then study the men’s formal wear dress code and test yourself. Prove that you are the Mensa master when it comes to morning suits, cutaways, tailcoats, dinner jackets and accessories.

Once you know the rules, others will look at you like you have secret knowledge given to only a few on this earth or as if you’re speaking an exclusive language to be used only by a select few. The great thing is both are true (to a degree).

Cuff links and studs are amazingly cool machines! ….. Read more in the next post.

September 3, 2010

Formal Wear – For the Fun of it!

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“One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.”~Oscar Wilde

It’s hard to imagine devoting your energy to something like a Blog on Formal Wear Guide and not enjoying it! That would be torture. At this Formal Wear blog we love men’s formal wear, and we’re devoted to spreading that positive energy that we possess to as many as we possibly can.

Some men do wonder what can be so enjoyable about such a stuffy, boring subject? We believe it’s all a matter of attitude. If you think something is stuffy or boring then it is. But if you start to really investigate all of the different aspects of a subject or area, then you can start to see what makes it so interesting and fun.

We decided to offer ten reasons why men’s formal wear is our favorite thing to discuss, learn about and study.

Come on, have some fun! After all, that’s usually the point of dressing up!

Interesting Formal Wear Styles for Men

There’s something amazingly interesting about men’s formal wear styles. That’s because there’s really no other type of clothing like it in the Western world. A tuxedo is sort of like a suit, but it’s impossible to get black tie confused with a blue business look by Brooks Brothers.

The cut, line and form of men’s formal wear is not only distinctive but the different types, such as tails, cutaways, dinner jackets and morning suits, give men various choices. Depending on your body type, some of these styles will look better than others and one or two will make you look absolutely great.

Take some time to investigate the styles, get to know the subtle variations and enjoy finding your perfect tux.


Connection to the Stars

Hollywood, Broadway, television and the music world are all associated with glitz and glamour. Some of that tantalizing tinsel is connected to the world of men’s formal wear. There’s nothing like a Hollywood premiere or industry awards show when it comes to displaying the various performers and artists in a range of men’s formal wear .

We love watching those events, seeing good taste come shining through and bad taste offering a major cringe factor as we scream, “I can’t believe he’s wearing that!”

Guys dressed to kill versus guys who have murdered style. What can be better than a little celebrity adoration and bashing?

Thus, when it comes to those folks who are considered to be part of the beautiful people in the crowd, men’s formal wear is a two-edged sword. These major hunks and celebs can make themselves into Adonises or into losers with a capital “L” on their foreheads. Either way, it makes for interesting viewing and water cooler talk.

Color Blind? ….. Read more in the next post!

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