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August 24, 2011

UPDATED: Contest- FineTuxedos Next Big Product!

UPDATED: Our Winner is JerseyMaids !

This contest is now closed.  Thank you so much for all the feedback and input!  We appreciate your thoughts and will be totaling up the votes shortly! (8/29/11)

We at Fine Tuxedos are always on the lookout for something fresh, new and fun to sell on our site.  Sometimes we find a lot of things and all of us here just can’t decide which product to choose.  Which is exactly what’s happened and how we came to this contest!

We found some great products that we’d love to sell on our site … some are fun, unusual and just plain interesting.  We couldn’t decide which one should be sold on our site – so we’re leaving it up to you, our fans, friends, customers and passer-bys ….   Which one should we sell?

How to vote?

  • Twitter mention with the HashTag #FineTuxedoVote = 2 points (must have hashtag to count!)
  • Blog comment below with product number = 1 point
  • Write your OWN blog post on your blog and give us the link in the comments below = 10 points!   (whoa!)

Ready for the contestants??????

Product #1: The Guest Wine Bottle
Yep, forget the traditional guest book at your wedding – now you can have a wine bottle! By EVCreations

wine bottle guest book, non-traditional wedding guest book, wine bottle guest book, sign wine bottle at wedding

This is EVCreations Product (Product #1 for voting)

Product #2: “I Do” Shoe Stickers
These cute stickers are placed on the bride and grooms shoe bottoms! By: Your Happily Everafter

i do stickers for bride and groom, groom i do shoe stickers,

By "Your Happily Everafter" Product #2 for voting!

Product #3: Steampunk Cufflinks
These are very unique and great for that “tech” or Sci-fi Groom or a watch aficionado. By London Particulars

steampunk cufflinks, tech cufflinks, sci-fi cufflinks

Steampunk Cufflinks - Product #3 for voting!

Product #4: Hand painted Grooms Glasses
Each of these are hand painted and each glass carries the Groom and Grooms men names and wedding date! By FizzyArtist

groom's glasses, groom wedding glasses, bridal party glasses, fun bridal party glasses

Grooms men glasses - Product #4 for Voting

Product #5: Flasks
A grooms gift or a grooms accessory for the wedding day – you decide! By Lady Rene

groom's gift, mustache flasks, unique flasks

Mustache Flask - Product #5 for Voting!

Product #6: Vintage Super Hero Tie Clip
A unique tie clip for the groom and groomsmen … adds some classic old charm! By JerseyMaids

super hero tie clip, wedding tie clips

By JerseyMaids - Product #6 for voting!

Product #7: Lego Belt Buckle
Like Legos and want to incorporate it into your wedding? Now you can! By Misscourageous

lego belt buckle

By misscourageous Product #7 for voting!

Product #8: AlphabeTIES
These ties are a great way to personalize your wedding! By ToyBreaker

monogramed tie, monogramed wedding tie

AlphabeTIES Product #8 for voting!

Product #9: Candles for the groom
There are candles, then there are those unique Texas scents, like Mesquite Firewood! By TrueTexasScents

Texas Candle - Product #9 for voting!

Let the voting begin!!!

August 22, 2011

Lets hear it for the boy: Before “I do” comes the “Will you?”

Filed under: Formal Wear — Harris @ 9:35 pm

No, this isn’t a tribute post to Deniece Williams, although I do think she is pretty fantastic. Rather, this is a nod of sincere acknowledgement, respect, and most importantly, an offer of assistance, for those of you men preparing to make one of the biggest and best decisions in your life: asking the love of your life for her hand in marriage.

We all know the familiar story: Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy and girl plan the wedding of their dreams, say, “I do,” and then together, begin their “happily ever after.”

However, before there can be a wedding, there must first be a proposal – or so the story goes for most couples. And before there can be a proposal, there must be a man, crazy in love, eager enough to sell his car, motorcycle, guitar, or extra kidney if need be (okay, don’t sell your kidney, you may actually need that someday) to purchase the perfect ring and proclaim his undying love and devotion — in a spectacular setting — to the one whom he hopes will say “yes!” and become his future bride. (Whew, deep breath.)

While much ado is made over the bride-to-be as she prepares for her wedding day, often little attention or recognition is given to the valiant effort and fortitude shown by the hopeful, future groom-to-be, during the months and weeks leading up to the proposal.

Lets face it ladies, when it comes to the big day before the big wedding day, we have high expectations, and many of us have dreamed about what the moment should be like for years. We may say that “love is all that matters,” and while we know it does, deep down, we want (and hope) to be taken to the moon and back; to have a romantic moment of Jane Austin proportions; an off-the-charts, unique, and perfect engagement we simply cannot wait to share with our girlfriends and family members.

Given this knowledge, to say there is a little bit of pressure placed on you men to perform is an understatement.

As wedding planners, we realize a lot of blood, sweat, and yes, sometimes even tears, go into this process. We understand how nerve-wracking the days leading up to the big moment can be, let alone how overwhelming it can be to choose the perfect setting for the day, fill it with a day or evening of romantic gestures, and then pour your heart out while on one knee.

Here’s some good news: you don’t have to go it alone. On the contrary, giving your future bride the proposal of her dreams is within reach, and you don’t need to have the budget of The Bachelor – or be a creative genius – to pull it off.

Like RS Exclusive, several wedding planners now offer a “perfect proposal” packages to love-struck men of all ages who need – or just want – advice, direction, and the experienced know-how to add a polished touch to their plans and take the stress out of the planning.

Whether you’re looking for full-service, conception-through-execution assistance, or simply help fine-tuning and laying the final touches, event planners have the expertise and personal and professional connections to stretch your hard-earned money and give you the most sparkle for your buck.

The big day is yours, and should reflect everything that is special about your love and what makes you unique as a couple. A wedding planner can help you take the stress out of planning and allow you to focus on what really matters: sweeping the woman of your dreams off of her feet, and together enjoying a perfect moment that you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

Here’s to you, our knights in shining armor. Without you we wouldn’t get to spend hours browsing through bridal magazines and trying on wedding gowns. You are our heroes, and we think you deserve a helping hand in making our dreams come true.

Featured photos are from the proposal of Brian and Lauren, and took place on June 21 at Oakwood Country Club in Lynchburg, Virginia. Planning and event décor was by RS Exclusive. Photography is courtesy of Sally Hahn.


Rachel McLean is the co-owner of RS Exclusive, LLC, a mother/daughter-run, full service wedding and event boutique, with offices in both Virginia and North Carolina.

Along with their fantastic team of assistant designers and banquet staff, RSE specializes in offering a full-range of modern wedding and event services, including: consultation, planning, custom decoration and floral design, and custom invitation and paper goods.

With dedication to excellence, and a passion for quality and creativity, the RS Exclusive team takes pride in providing incredible service for every client and every event.

Located out of town? RS Exclusive does over-the-phone consultation, making it convenient for you to get the assistance you need, whether near or far.

Let RS Exclusive take your event to the next level.

Website: RS Exclusive LLC

Oakwood Country Club

August 15, 2011

Formal Summer Weddings: What Every Man Should Know

Filed under: Formal Wear — Harris @ 11:57 pm

Summer has a nasty habit of being hot and humid — two things that do not tend to mix well with formal attire. Yet nevertheless, we gentlemen often find ourselves nicely tuxedoed while the oppressive sun mocks us from its lofty spot in outer space, far, far away from our death glares. The nerve of it.

Anyway, there are still ways for a man to look sharp while remaining comfortable during this warmest of the seasons and its multitude of outdoor affairs and events. Don’t believe us? Simply curious? Then read on, brave summer warrior! We’ve prepared a list of ways to tame the heat into a state of reasonable bearability.

1. Try an off white dinner jacket.

The good news here is that fashion is in your favor this season and off white dinner jackets are always a very popular choice among the best dressed men. So not only will wearing one grant your inclusion into the stylish club, it will also help against the sun’s persistent rays: light colors absorb far less light — and thus far less heat — than dark ones.

2. Go for wool tuxedos…

If you find yourself braving the weather in a full tuxedo, then make good and darned sure that it’s made of 100% wool. Natural fibers are much more breathable than those seasonally troublesome polyesters, which of course means that you will feel much more comfortable.

3. … and go for cotton shirts.

You’ll want to go with cotton for the same reasons that you’ll want to wear wool: breathability and comfort. Though cotton does have the unfortunate side effect of being a little bit on the wrinkle prone side, it’s a small price to pay to feel cooler overall.

4. Consider vest alternatives.

We love vests, you probably love vests, and the world of men’s fashion has been in full embrace of vests for a while now. Vests, however, can make things a little warmer for you than you might like: a consequence of their coverage. In the event that the heat places its own limitations on style, we suggest that men forgo their vests and don a classic bow tie and cummerbund set instead. They can still look every bit as good as a vest and will help you keep cooler in your tux.

You’ll still want to keep cool beverages handy and might want to consider begging some higher force for a breeze, but otherwise you should be comfortable enough to enjoy whatever it is that has brought you, fully dressed, out into the heat of summer.

Top 5 Reasons Not to Rent a Tuxedo

Filed under: Formal Wear — Harris @ 4:15 pm

While we readily admit that there are some occasions where a man should feel justified in making the decision to rent over that to purchase — buying an entertainment venue just seems excessive — we are also loathe to think that there are some finely dressed gentlemen out there who are … give us a moment … donning rented tuxedos.

Oh, don’t look at us like it’s not so bad. We humbly disagree and firmly believe that all tuxedos should be purchased, and we do this with a variety of reasons at hand, none of which have anything to do with the fact that we only sell tuxedos, thank you very much.

Look, we’ll even outline our reasoning here.

1. Cost

Typically speaking, a rented tuxedo will cost a man anywhere from $50-$200, usually depending on the quality of the suit. While it might sound like an amazing deal, and though it may beg the question of why you’d ever consider alternatives, we offer a different perspective: do you really want to spend that much money on something you will not own? Tuxedos can last a man for five, ten years. They can be lent out, passed down, stored by the nostalgic. Moreover, while your first tux rental experience would likely cost you less money than your first tux purchasing experience, those savings only last for so long. Are you sure you’ll only need a tuxedo once? Once you’ve got a few rentals in — BAM! You’re well on the path to paying more overall.

2. Risk vs. Reward

Sometimes, bad things happen to good pieces of clothing. They tear. They stain. In some cases, they even catch fire — we hear that cake-lighting can be very dangerous. When these things happen, tux-renters face one of two possibilities: the damage is covered by tuxedo rental insurance, or the damage is not covered and the renter has to pay the full retail cost of replacing the tux. Ouch.

3. Quality

There’s nothing like a fine tuxedo for making a strong impression on any crowd, but chances are good that you’re not going to find a fine tuxedo for rent. Furthermore, these rental tuxedos have been worn out and worn down, perhaps not extremely, but often noticeably.

4. The “You Don’t Know Where it’s Been” Factor

Or perhaps more accurately, you can form a pretty danged good idea of where a rented tuxedo has been — it’s been to prom, it’s been worn by grooms on their wedding nights, it’s been … well, wherever you would wear your tux and beyond, to places outside your imagination.

5. Fit

Wise men know that they will rarely find a suit that fits them perfectly and that part of the tuxedo-purchasing process inevitably includes getting that tuxedo altered. Rental tuxes will never afford you such a luxury, and it’s only through a fortuitous spree of luck that you’ll find a suit that fits the way you’d like. Believe us; we’ve had enough of our own suits altered to know just how hard it is to find a suit worn well right off the rack.

There you have it — five brilliant reasons why tuxedo rental is something of a no-no, and not one of them mentions our own exceptional tuxedos and excellent prices (buy yours today!).

August 11, 2011

How To Find The Perfect Fitting Tuxedo

Filed under: Formal Wear — Harris @ 4:15 pm

Some men put grievously little thought into their tuxedos. When occasions call for them to dress their very best, these men are content to dig through the depths of their closets and wardrobes to find That One Tuxedo that they own, or they jet off to the nearest tuxedo rental place and secure themselves some used clothing that fits like it belongs to someone else — quite probably because it very much does.

It’s understandable though. Finding the perfect fitting tuxedo is an exercise in patience and experimentation, and it can be a hassle. Still, it’s a necessary step for any man who wants to look his absolute best.

So how does one go about finding that perfectly-suited suit?

1. Consult The Experts

Well, your first stop is at a professional tailor’s for measurement. After a moderate process of much posing and measuring, you should emerge with precise measurements and generally ideal shirt, pant, and jacket sizes. With these numbers in hand, you may proceed to the second step.

2. Experiment With Cuts and Styles

It’s not remotely true that the perfect suit fit begins and ends with the size of its shoulders and the length of its pants; rather, the cut of the tuxedo itself can make all of the difference between a good looking suit and one that is worn with utmost perfection. Whether comparing the sharp differences between double and single breasted tuxes or the more subtle ones between collar styles, you’ll find that some looks are better suited to your body type than others. So don’t go with the latest style or the pieces that look best on the rack: fashion is about looking your best, so focus on that.

3. Find A Suit You Like

This is the easy step. Once you understand both your size and your cut, you can start to shop around a little more. Finding a tuxedo that suits not only your style but your budget won’t always be an easy undertaking, but it will be a rewarding one.

4. Consider Alterations

Tailors are masters of their craft; they can and will take the tuxedo you purchased and transform it into something that suits every inch of your frame. Their advice might seem a little unnecessary, true, but remember this: in fashion, everything is in the details.

There. That should do it. Four steps that will ensure that you fine gentleman are united with the finest tuxes.

August 9, 2011

A New Tuxedo Situation

Filed under: Formal Wear — Harris @ 12:51 am

There are certain topics that we thought we’d never have to broach on this blog. Like shirtless reality TV stars who not only decide that their new calling in life is tuxedo design, but are offered six figure deals so that they can bring said tuxedos to an unexpecting public.

Things have a tendency to change though, and the situation is now this:

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, star (questionably speaking) of The Jersey Shore and frequent publicity adventurer, has agreed to collaborate with Flow Formal Wear on their 2012 line, with Sorrentino being granted design and modeling duties aplenty. At present, he and Flow are crossing their fingers and hoping that they will spearhead a formalwear revival among the younger generations.

Sorrentino is rather familiar with the worlds of spokesmanship, modeling, and even fashion design, and his rise to fame as an unlikely star of an unlikely success makes him something of a wildcard. Certainly, many eyes have focused on this intriguing new venture, and the resultant media attention alone is enough to stimulate interest in the men’s formal wear industry.

We’re well aware that the reaction has been on the negative side of skeptical, and some people are almost aghast over Flow’s unorthodox move. How dare they place the success of their line on the often bare shoulders of a man who’s known more for crass than class? Etcetera.

The thing is men’s formalwear isn’t about perpetuating the tuxedo attitude through all hours of the day; no, it’s about cleaning up damned well. And how better to demonstrate the effects of a quality suit on a man whose style rests somewhere on the other side of the menswear spectrum than through a man like Sorrentino, whose own casual manner of dress is immediately recognizable by the general public?

So join us, gentlemen, in waiting with baited breath for Flow’s 2012 line. We’re both excited to see what designs The Situation has in store for us, and anxious to learn what affect this line will have on the present and future of men’s formalwear.

Of course, you can also look forward to seeing it all for sale here.

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