October 25, 2012

Modern Day Chivalry: Does it Exist?

The chivalrous days might be gone but that doesn't mean you can't be a fine gentleman. (via elephantjournal.com)

Years ago, a well-mannered gentleman was automatically considered a heartthrob to women.


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October 23, 2012

Get That Tuxedo Ready – Will You Marry Me?

Before the big day comes the big question - will you marry me?

It’s a  four word phrase that can evoke a reaction that varies from happiness and excitement to reluctance and fear.


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October 16, 2012

The Tuxedo Through American History Pt. 3

Back then, hats were almost a requisite in order to complete a formal wear outfit.

Before reading any further, I suggest reading the first and second parts of this series.


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October 15, 2012

The Tuxedo Through American History Pt. 2

Ryan Gosling reliving the counterculture era by wearing colored tuxedos (via barefoot-duchess.blogspot.com)

In my previous article, I discussed the birth and evolution of the tuxedo to the 1930’s and what men’s formal attire was popular prior to that time. We also found out who made the tuxedo and from where it was made, as well as its informal alternate options.


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October 12, 2012

The Tuxedo Through American History Pt. 1

Early advertisements for the tuxedo (via blog.blacktieguide.com)

Many historians agree that the tuxedo was created in 1886 by Pierre Lorillard IV, a resident of Tuxedo Park, a town located just outside of New York City. American males, specifically those of the affluent variety, witnessed a momentous change in men’s formal wear with the addition of this new look.


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October 4, 2012

The Basics of Wearing a Tuxedo Pt. 2

A gentleman always looks smart, sharp and snazzy in a fine tuxedo.

For those who missed the first part of this article, here is a recap of what I talked about. (more…)

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October 2, 2012

The Return of The Great American Style?

Even when he was young, Leo always knew how to carry a tuxedo with class (via thehollywoodreporter.com)

We’ve been eagerly following the shift in the way that the world interprets men’s formal style for a while now – waiting somewhat hungrily for the good old fashioned tuxedo to regain its spotlight. Though the past few years have been defined by a rebellion of sorts, against the strictness of the traditional formalwear aesthetic, we still believed in the power of the tux. Now it’s beginning to pay off as more and more gentlemen mature beyond that phase and return to the lovely and forever loving embrace of yesteryear. (more…)

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October 1, 2012

The Basics of Wearing a Tuxedo Pt. 1

Look dapper in a fine tuxedo.

Not many people are privy to the rules pertaining to wearing a tuxedo. Sure, we are aware that tuxedos should primarily be worn for special events and galas.  However, as far as how to sport one, which colors to pick in relation to the time of day and season, and coordinating shoes and socks with your tuxedo, there are still many people  who are clueless. With that said, let’s go over some do’s and don’t’s of tux’s. (more…)

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