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January 16, 2015

Fashion Highlights from the 72nd Golden Globe Awards

Filed under: Events — Tags: , , , , , — Formal Wear Expert @ 4:02 pm 72nd Golden Globe Awards ceremony was held on January 11th at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. (more…)

January 16, 2014

Trendsetting Tuxedos at the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards

curtain_red_carpet_vector_287270On Sunday, January 12, 2014 the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards were held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel  in Beverly Hills, California. The red carpet displayed some truly stunning and spectacular fashion that can only be seen at award shows of this caliber. Nominees and guests alike gathered to take the stage, present and accept awards, and show off legendary looks only the red carpet could handle. Here, we discuss 4 great tuxedos that took center stage at the night’s event.



January 24, 2013

Anticipating The SAG Awards: Top 3 Celebrity Formal Wear

Are you excited to see this weekend's SAG Awards?

The start of the New Year is always cold and dreary but there is a bright spot for fans of men’s formal wear. Awards season is officially underway with the release of the Oscar nominations and the recent conclusion of the Golden Globes Awards, giving a national platform (more…)

December 14, 2010

Men’s Separates and Formal Wear

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Robert Downey, Jr. looking good while mixing and matching

Robert Downey, Jr. looking good while mixing and matching

For women, it’s been a common occurrence for quite some time—the mix and match look. However for men, it’s been less acceptable. But the last few years have seen men’s fashion change and business wear has gone from the business suit to combos that are coordinated although not necessarily intended to be worn together. The same phenomenon has been seen in men’s formal wear.

Dinner Jacket

The dinner jacket has become the stylistic anchor in men’s formal wear. Everything revolves around this all-important item. Wear one with a shawl lapel and you’ll blend in with others, while attiring yourself in a dinner jacket with a more dramatic peaked lapel will help make you stand out. Often, it’s what someone decides to wear with that dinner jacket—those mix and match items—that make’s that man’s look unique.

Not Entirely New

The mix and match look is not entirely new to men’s formal wear. There have always been “choices” as to whether one wears a vest or cummerbund, a bow tie or cravat and a white formal shirt with a flat or pleated front.

More Formal Wear Choices

But now, partly due to designers experimenting and partly because individuals who are donning formal wear are willing to break rules, there’s a new mix and match look, which some people find totally acceptable while others cringe to even think of it.

We’re not talking about that look that disavows formal wear. Instead, it embraces formality but combines elements from different designers and brands and eliminates some items entirely. It’s Robert Downey’s attire at the Golden Globes pictured above.

Downey created a very dashing appearance with the choices that he made.

Informal Formal Wear

There are times when men’s formal wear rules should not be broken but there are plenty of times when they can be bent and/or changed. Tasteful creativity can be strikingly refreshing even with men’s formal wear.

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