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April 16, 2013

Buying A Tuxedo On A Budget

Investing in anything causes concern for how much value you’re getting from every dollar you spend. The concept is no different when it comes to men’s formal wear because a tuxedo is essentially an investment. You are obligated to consider how much use you intend or expect to get out of it and what the rewards will be. You want to look good, don’t you? The truth is that many men rarely have opportunities to wear a tuxedo so they might make the mistake of renting when they could have just simply set a budget and purchased one instead. The issue with buying vs. renting a tux is that you truly never know when you’ll need one again, you just know that you need it now. However, after some indefinite time, a future event will arise and you, once again, are required to wear a tux. If only you’d bought one the first time, you wouldn’t be spending the extra wads of cash on yet another rental…

It’s a scenario that’s all too common.

So, you don’t plan to attend formal events any more than a few times, and that’s perfect because a couple hundred bucks could get you just the tuxedo you’re looking for. Here are a few choice models that won’t press your credit card limit: (more…)

December 4, 2012

Men’s Formal Wear Debate: Buy vs. Rent a Tuxedo

Buying a tuxedo can ensure a perfect fit, which is the most important aspect of wearing any outfit.

One of the most enduring disputes in men’s formal wear isn’t based on the merits of peak lapels versus notch lapels, or the proper way to wear formal accessories, but on the argument posed by the unbridgeable divide between renting a tuxedo and owning one outright. (more…)

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