November 22, 2014

The Hunger Games London Red Carpet Premier

hungergamesThe Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 is here.  (more…)

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November 14, 2014

Fashion at the MTV EMAs 2014

highquality_pictures_of_beautiful_red_carpet_05_170447As always, the MTV European Music Awards were full of gorgeous people wearing gorgeous things. This year, the MTV EMAs were held in Glasglow, Scotland on November 9, 2014.  (more…)

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November 12, 2014

Men’s Fashion at the Governors Awards Ceremony

projector-64149_640The Governors Awards Ceremony was held on Saturday, November 8th. (more…)

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November 6, 2014

The Rome Film Festival Men’s Fashion in Review

projector-422145_640The Rome Film Festival takes place each October, and it brings together some of the biggest names in entertainment. In 2014, several notable actors appeared in order to promote their new projects. Thanks to this outstanding congregation of film stars from throughout the world, there were many great examples of men’s fashion on display. This made it hard for us to pick favorites, but here are a few finely dressed gentlemen we fully approve of.  (more…)

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January 18, 2013

Modern Formal Wear Seen at The Golden Globe Awards 2013

70th Golden Globe Awards - Who ranked the highest in terms of men's fashion?

The Golden Globes is always a prime time for male celebrities to sincerely present a certain level of class to their public persona.  (more…)

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September 25, 2012

Bow Ties Sweep the Emmy Awards

This Sunday saw yet another battle of creative forces that we all know by its more common name, the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards. Some people won awards, others left empty-handed, and Mad Men set a most unfortunate record but that’s all right because it’s an honor just to be nominated. As usual though, our focus isn’t on the people who went home with a statuette in hand but on those who stood out for their style. (more…)

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November 17, 2010

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal—a Vision in Black?

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal—a Vision in Black Tie

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal—a Vision in Black....Tie?

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre was the setting as the new film by director Edward Zwick, Love & Other Drugs, premiered in Hollywood on November 4, 2010. Jake Gyllenhaal was on hand. Of the men at the premiere, he wore one of the more formal looking outfits.


Gyllenhaal’s outfit was a bit reminiscent of Richard Boone who played Paladin in the late 1950s- early 1960s TV series Have Gun Will Travel. I always liked Boone’s look. I thought he was very cool. He was dressed all in black and looked extremely intimidating. I like Gyllenhaal’s look too. That is to a degree.


The big difference between Boone and Gyllenhaal (besides the cowboy hat and gun) is that the former created some contrast with the white tie. It gave depth to his look and also, because it did contrast with the rest of his outfit, reinforced the black outfit.

With Gyllenhaal, there is no contrast in color. There are some interesting texture choices as the suit has a subtle pattern that is mimicked by the shirt, while the tie is plain black. There are three different black tones that are offered individually by each piece and this does create some contrast. But is it enough?

Matter of Taste

Gyllenhaal’s outfit is a matter of taste. (Isn’t everything?) It seems to be too dark for a guy sporting a black scruff of a beard and black hair. He needs to lighten up a bit. Add some color or at least some white. Maybe a pocket square if not a different tie? I mean, Paladin did, and he was a very serious guy.

It is good to see some actors like Gyllenhaal dressing for premieres. The women always do and usually look great!

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal wore all black to the premiere of Love & Other Drugs. Picture with the actor are actress Anne Hathaway, director Edward Zwick and actor Hank Azariaand.

Richard Boone as Paladin

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November 5, 2010

Jackass 3-D: Acting Stupid, Looking Formal?

The Less than Formal Red Carpet

The Less than Formal Red Carpet

Jackass 3-D: Acting Stupid, Looking Good

They were there, the Jackass immortals (okay maybe not immortals, really the crazy creators): Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and Barn Margera. It was the premiere of Jackass 3-D. You know, that popular TV show and now movie series devoted to doing really stupid, dangerous things that might severely injure the participants and makes everyone watching the antics cringe and squirm.

You might think that the creators would look…well…like jackasses. You know, instead of dressed to the nines, dressed to the negative 13s? But the fact is the principals involved in the movie looked very good. At least, Johnny Knoxville did.

His Attire

Officially, Knoxville was not dressed in formal wear. However, he was looking very good in his dark pinstripe suit, black tie and white shirt. Knoxville is considered to be Hollywood eye-candy, along with being a tad warped and very rich. He really brought it all together at the premiere.

It wasn’t a tux, but it also wasn’t a T-shirt, ripped jeans and green sneakers. He wore what is appropriate to today’s Hollywood premiere.

The Less than Formal Red Carpet

Over the years as far as men’s formal wear is concerned, the Hollywood red carpet has gone from being ultra formal to very casual. You can also see styles that encompass everything in between.

In Hollywood, men’s formal wear tends to be reserved for the awards shows. Knoxville looked about as good as most guys do and as dressed up as most men get when attending a premiere.

The Standard

In a recent blog, we had a photo of Sly Stallone, Bruce Willis and Mickey Rourke at the premiere of The Expendables. Stallone exuded grace, charm and class. His suit was impeccable. Knoxville captured much of the same feel.

That look and feel should be the standard for a Hollywood premiere. These guys are after all “stars” and that means that they should dress as such. Sure the era of the actor-in-a-tux movie premiere is over, but that doesn’t mean the male stars can’t glisten and shine a little.

Johnny Knoxville at Jackass 3-D premiere

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November 3, 2010

Michael Sheen Always Looking Good in Formal Wear

Michael Sheen Knows How to Wear a Tuxedo!

Michael Sheen Knows How to Wear a Tuxedo!

If you’ve seen actor Michael Sheen at any awards show, the Oscars, DGA and this year’s BAFTA Awards, then you know that he’s one actor who simply gets the men’s formal wear thing. He’s a smart guy who is always smartly dressed, setting a standard for anyone else who appears in the camera frame or on the stage with him.

At Home

Sheen simply looks right at home in his tux. Compare him to Chairman of BAFTA Los Angeles Nigel Lythgoe on his right and director Tom Hooper on his left. All three look good, but Sheen seems to be a natural in black tie. That’s not an easy thing for many actors to pull off. It’s not that he simply looks good or spiffy or cool. The man looks comfortable. Like he’s been born to be in a Noel Coward play.

The Right Stuff?

Is it that simple? Does Sheen simply have the right stuff when it comes to donning men’s formal wear? That may be part of it, but the other part is he has got the right fit for his body.

The tuxedo jacket flows naturally from his shoulders down to below his chest where it buttons, framing the tuxedo shirt and tie perfectly. Neither Lythgoe in his tuxedo nor Hopper in his suit are able to pull that off.

Catch Sheen

You can catch Sheen and all the other celebs who were at the BAFTA Los Angeles 2010 Britannia Awards held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza on November 4, 2010 in Century City, California, on TV Guide Channel on November 7th, 2010.

It’s said that Sheen was the hit of the show. He tore up the place with a barrage of one-liners. However, due to their nature, they may not ne aired. In any case, you can see great men’s formal wear style in the accomplished actor. It may be worth a look.

“Chairman of BAFTA Los Angeles Nigel Lythgoe, actor Michael Sheen, and director Tom Hooper arrive at the BAFTA Los Angeles 2010 Britannia Awards.”

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November 1, 2010

Armani Men’s Formal Wear Makes Stars Shine

Armani Tuxedos Golden Globes

Armani Men’s Formal Wear Makes Stars Shine

The photo in this blog has three of Hollywood’s top talents, Robert DeNiro, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio, in formal wear created by one of the world’s top designers—Giorgio Armani. Each of these stars looks like they belong on the Hollywood red carpet. They were dressed for the Hollywood Globes.

Actor Robert DeNiro, a classic himself, wore a classic Armani tuxedo. It is a style with which you can’t go wrong. There’s something timeless about this tux.

Director Martin Scorsese dressed in a Giorgio Armani one-button peak lapel tuxedo. The lapels were satin. His shirt featured a classic spread collar evening shirt. The rest of the ensemble included a bow tie and formal vest. Scorsese opted to secure the top button on his jacket, which obfuscated our view of his tuxedo vest.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio looked sensational. He was very much at ease in the Armani Made-to-Measure two-button tuxedo with peak lapel. The matching five-button micro fiber vest, traditional white evening shirt and black bow tie were right on target.
If you want a constant reminder of what tasteful men’s formal wear looks like, then print this photo and keep it on hand. These men are dressed for the ultimate formal evening out and look dashingly impressive. And for those who say all formal wear looks the same just consider how each of these tuxedos is unique and helps to define the person wearing it.

DiCaprio looks stellar because he simply knows how to wear it. In fact, it looks as if he’s made for men’s formal wear. If anything the Armani Made-to-Measure tux really does conform to his frame, creating a picture that is synonymous with the dashing male physique that defines male Hollywood stars.

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