March 25, 2013

“The Prom Song” Music Video

Watch this sweet music video promposal by Ian of 10 Steps Back Band!

His Description:

As a result of forming a really close relationship with a group of friends, Luke and I decided to ask the other two to prom. The girls already knew that we were all going together but we still had to ask them in a clever way. Since we both are heavily involved in music, we decided that a music video was the way to go. Together, we wrote the song and filmed the video with the help of some friends on days we were out of school. After completing the video within 3 days, we had to figure out how we’d show them. We decided to have one of our teachers take them down to the football team meeting room (HD projectors, surround sound, etc.) for “yearbook purposes” since they were both in yearbook. As they walked in, we had two seats reserved for them; each one consisting of a piece of paper with their name on it. Luke and I hid and walked out after the video was over and asked them to prom. They said “yes” of course.

We all know that the music life is an expensive life. Plus, that tux would look great in the follow up video from prom… So please vote for us!

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March 7, 2013

Asking Lauren to Prom!

Find out how Cameron asked his girl to prom with the help of Justin Bieber!

His Description:

I met Lauren back in December of 2011 and since then she has become my best friend and girlfriend. We went to prom last year and I couldn’t ask for a better prom date for my senior prom. I spent months trying to come up with a clever way to ask her to prom, and came up with this! On Valentine’s day she came over to watch “The Lucky One” before going out to dinner. We started watching the previews before the movie and she was surprised with a movie trailer asking her to prom! With the help of a few of her best friends and a few of my friends, and Justin Bieber, I was able to put this together in a couple weeks. So although I know that this prom will be perfect already, it wouldn’t hurt to go looking good in a Calvin Klein tux. ;)

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NJROTC Military Ball Promposal

A sweet serenade from an aspiring soldier – watch how Kenya asked her girlfriend to prom!

Her Description:

Well this was me asking my girlfriend, Elizabeth, to prom. We have been going out for over 2 years now and throughout those years we have gone through hell and back for each other. I came out as a lesbian to my parents because I knew that she is the one for me. As for her… her parents didn’t accept our relationship. We have hid our love since we started and somehow through all the fighting against us we have grown stronger for each other and that’s why I did this oh so very special prom proposal for her. The whole year I told her I was going to prom with a sickly girl so she believed me and had no hope for going. So I sang a song she liked very much, titled Soldier as I was dressed in my uniform as her soldier. I involved our friends and had everything planed out with the XO of our unit and even though it seems well rehearsed we actually never practiced how everything was going to happen .. but she was happy so it’s okay :)

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March 6, 2013

Passaic High School’s GLEE Club Helps David Ask Yissel to Prom!

Watch how David Colon got his school’s Glee Club help him with his promposal!

His Description:

For weeks, I thought of different ways to ask my high school sweetheart, Yissel Duran, to prom. Yissel has always been there for me through the good times and the bad, and I wanted to make this prom proposal special since I know it was her wish to be asked to prom.
Coming up with the “perfect” promposal wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, since I wanted to surprise her and be as creative as possible. Surprising her wasn’t an issue because everyone saw it in her eyes that she was surprised, and it was all with the help of Passaic High School’s talented GLEE Club.

On February 13th, in front of the entire cafeteria, I got the GLEE Club to sing her “Treasure” by Bruno Mars and afterwards asked her to prom. She ended up saying yes, which made me feel great because there honestly isn’t anyone else I would have wanted to go with.
I want to win the Calvin Klein tuxedo not only because it would help me look great for prom, but I want Yissel to be able to look me in the eyes on prom night and be glad she said yes.

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Me Asking Mickey To Prom At Her Favorite Band’s Show

Check out Michael’s special surprise for his girlfriend during The Word Alive’s Philly concert!

His Description:

This took effort and coordination. I was in contact with the band for weeks about it. On the day of, we went to the show and I gave the poster to the stage manager. We got to go backstage for the show and that in itself was awesome for me and her. Getting the band to take time out of their set to help me was amazing. One missed thing and this would not have worked. I was behind it all and it was a complete surprise to Mickey, she had no idea it was going to happen. Even though she has stage fright, it was still the most amazing way I could have asked her to prom. She also got autographs from the band and got to talk to them. They are one of her favorite bands and she was amazed that I put this all together. She said it was the the most amazing way I could have asked her. It took time and effort, but it was worth it.

I should win the tux because this took a ton of planning and organizing. I called in a ton of people to help me out on this one, and it took weeks. The band took time out of the set to help me with this. I did not ask her this way to win a promposal contest, I did it because I knew she would be amazed by it, and if I were to win a contest on top of that it would be amazing. Hope I win.

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March 4, 2013

Promposal Scavenger Hunt for Christina at Walmart

Wilson’s prom proposal is fun and full of surprises – watch how he made Christina happy!

His Description:

Hey guys! This is my take on how I asked my friend to prom. Having made my past dance proposals better each time, I had to find a better way to outdo the last. First, I had to get her schedule down and gather all my friends to make a game plan. So, I got my friend Rachel, to take Christina out for breakfast at Chick-Fil-A (right in front of Walmart). Afterwards, Rachel “needs to go to Walmart to buy supplies for a project” when really, Christina will be put through a scavenger hunt which will lead her to me. There are 4 checkpoints she will have to go through before meeting up with me in the Garden Center. Each checkpoint contains a clue that leads her onto the next. Get more insight by watching the video! Why I should win this contest? Not only will it save me money from all the expenses that I’m spending on Christina, the Calvin Klein Tux will make me look great on my prom night compared to what I would rent out somewhere else!

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A Scavenger Hunt and Dance for Jessica

Promposal involving clues are always exciting! Watch how Argie of St. John’s Highschool won Jessica’s heart

His Description:

So there’s this girl I care about and her name was Jessica. I wanted to make it the best prom for her and what better way to start than with a special promposal. I gathered a few of my friends and set up a scavenger hunt with each note having a special message, starting with the letters, P, R, O, and M, as an acronym for PROM, with four clues. For example, P is for the paralyzing crush I have on the girl who returned to St. John’s. Her name is Jessica. Then when she finds the final clue, I asked her to follow the flower path which sadly got swept away, eventually leading her to one of my good friends. He tells her to close her eyes and when she opens her eyes, she sees me and I perform a dance to Travis Garland’s cover of Adorn, because I know how much she loves to dance. My main purpose of this video was for my special date to have a everlasting memory she can always keep and look back to. Winning this contest will be bonus, but it wouldn’t hurt to look good in a Calvin Klein Tux.

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Asking My Friend Kathleen to Prom! (she said yes, duh) ;D

Find out why this sweet promposal almost got the cops involved!

His Description:

For my promposal, I wanted to do something I’ve never seen anyone do. For one, I cannot sing – that was out of the question – and I wanted to do something original. The video begins with me holding up pieces of paper that basically describe how we met, my disappointment that we ever stopped talking, and us finally talking again and becoming good friends. For the final part, I strung up over 200 ft of rope light in front of my school! (the cops showed up, but they thought it was sweet).

The reason my entry should win is because my situation is quite unique. I was originally going to ask my ex to prom… but she is now my ex and I hadn’t ever thought of taking anyone else to prom. But then Kat came along at a perfect time, and there is no one I’d rather ask. Now the thing is… I had to ask in a video format because Kathleen lives in Iowa. I live in Texas. We have paid for her and her mom’s plane ticket down here and with prom fast approaching I still don’t have a tux! If I were to win this Calvin Klein tuxedo it would be a tremendous cost burden lifted off of our shoulders.

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Step Team And Mascot Help Jalen Prompose

Check out this halftime promposal by Jalen McKee of Fort Knox High School

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

His Description:

Here at Fort Knox, a small army base in Kentucky, a few people ask someone to prom in front of an audience at a home basketball game during halftime. None have used the step team or mascot until Jalen. He managed to turn Alex’s senior night and Valentine’s Day into a memory she’ll never forget!

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March 1, 2013

A First For All

Watch how Sheryl’s friend asked his girl to the prom through a first ever promposal in their school.

Promposal Winner, Rahul, gets 20 tuxedos for AITE!

Promposal Winner, Rahul, gets 20 tuxedos for AITE!

Her Description:

My friend asking another friend to prom.

The first promposal of 2013 at the Academy of Information Technology and Engineering in Stamford, CT. This is legit the first big promposal at our school in the many years it has been open and my friend fulfilled the girl’s dream way of being asked. She wanted to be asked in front of the school so the boy would have to show his courage that he is brave enough and to sing the song Smile by Uncle Kracker. I am a girl so I have no need for a tux, but I think it would be fantastic for my friend to win a tuxedo!


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Asking Her to Prom with a Quintet!

Watch how Evan used the power of a serenade to get her to say “YES” for prom!

Promposal Winner, Evan, gets to take home the Calvin Klein tuxedo!

Promposal Winner, Evan, gets to take home the Calvin Klein tuxedo!

His Description:

So for two weeks I attempted to get a quartet of my friends together to sing Brian McKnight’s “Back at One” to my girlfriend, in order to ask her to prom. However, due to scheduling conflicts we only ended up having one day to rehearse AND we ended up with five guys, which was cool :) . But anyway, after they sang, I walked in with flowers and chocolate and asked her. Surprisingly, she had a present for me as well. All in all, it went really well and now literally EVERYONE in my town knows about it. Random people are coming up to both of us all the time. It’s been fun!

I think I should win because I am simply trying to make up for the terrible relationship my girlfriend had last year that ended in catastrophe. She was terribly sad about it and now I just want to try everything I can to make up for that, and I think this proposal exemplifies that vow!

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February 28, 2013

Danielle’s Promposal

Find out why Danielle said “Yes” to Ryan Sastre’s romantic promposal

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

His Description:

So I told my girlfriend one day that I was going to get a haircut in her town early in the morning then I was going to go over her house right after. Little did she know, I was at my friend’s house up the block creating a giant 12×4 poster in his house, saying the words “PROM?” on it. I decided to put it out in front of her house and call her to wake her up so when she wakes up she can see from her window the giant poster I have been working on for the past 3 hours. She opened her window and came down the stairs crying and hugging me and said yes :D . I think I should win a Calvin Klein tuxedo because my prom is in two months and I want to be the best dressed guy there. I want to impress my girlfriend and all my peers.

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Isaac and Kristelle’s Classy Promposal

Check out this sweet and elaborate promposal submitted by Isaac Garza of J.B. Alexander High School

His description:

My promposal was inspired by a mix of Heath Ledger in the movie “10 Things I Hate About You,” Justin Timberlake’s new song “Suit and Tie” and Mission Impossible all put together into one. My promposee is the most talented and amazing girl I know so I had to go all out. It starts out with confusion in the cafeteria and the announcer on stage is asking “where is he?” Then a video of me getting ready goes on the four TVs the cafeteria has. Then I arrive at school and I have to get past security and make it on time to the cafeteria in intense/dramatic/slow motion scene. Once I arrive at the cafeteria, the stage opens with the AHS band behind me playing the song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” as I sing. Then, after the song, I pop the question and give her a bouquet of roses. She said yes. I should win the Calvin Klein tuxedo for one main reason. Tuxedo is the epitome of the word classy, and my promposal kept nothing but class the entire time. Thank You for watching. J.B. Alexander High School, Laredo TX.

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February 19, 2013

Can You Think Of A Cuter Promposal?

YouTube User Carlos Hernandez had the cutest promposal his school has ever seen 

The Set-up: Guy asks his best friend to prom with a banner


During lunch, the curtains on the stage slowly part ways. As the curtains fall back, a banner slowly reveals itself. “Jessica B, will you go to prom with me?” appears with the promposer standing on stage with a sign. As he hops off the stage,  Jessica approaches him and – watch the video to see what happened next.

Review: Talk about stage presence! Give the guy a great tux for the  preparation and dedication this took!

Your turn: Think you can top this with your own theatrical touch? Submit your own prom proposal video to win a FREE Calvin Klein Tuxedo from

Want A Calvin Klein Tuxedo For Prom? Submit Your Entry Now!

Want A Calvin Klein Tuxedo For Prom? Submit Your Entry Now!

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February 15, 2013

Think You Can Lip Sync Better? A One Direction Promposal

YouTube User itsguytada shows how to do a REAL promposal.

The Set-up: Producing an elaborate music video, guy asks a girl to prom


With the help of the most popular song from 1D, the promposer  performs their ultimate hit to ask Erika to prom. Opening up with him reading the newspaper, the song begins and his friends join him. Making his way through the school, the promposer works with his entourage to show how each lyric  means something for Erika. Reaching the end of the song, the promposer puts up the sign “Erika Prom?” and then the video fades to black. (more…)

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February 14, 2013

Can You Make A Bolder Promposal?

YouTube User Venessa Fregoso captured this special moment between Izzy and Bridget.

The Set Up:

At the school pep rally, boyfriend promposes to his girlfriend in front of the whole student body.

How: By making a shirtless statement

Inside the gym, the girlfriend (Bridget) is called up to the front . Curious to know what’s going on, the principal tells her there’s a surprise for her. While Colbie Caillat’s Lucky plays eloquently in the background, her boyfriend (Izzy) emerges from the crowd shirtless. A big “Be My Prom Date?” is painted on his stomach, with checkboxes for YES or NO. It’s Bridget’s turn to use the marker – watch the video to find out her answer! (more…)

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February 12, 2013

Think You Can Cheer Better? – A Powderpuff Promposal

YouTube User CyndiiMorales11 cheered on Adam as he asked Audrey to prom.

The Set-up: Boyfriend and his friends cheer for girlfriend to accept his promposal.


During lunch, Adam and his friends march into the quad.  With the whole school outside for  lunch on a late spring day, the boys dressed up in their school cheerleading outfits begin their special chant .With Adam leading the charge, the squad starts  shouting P-R-O-M with Audrey looking on. Find out Audrey’s reaction by watching the video!


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February 11, 2013

Think You Can Dance Better? – Flashmob Promposal

Flashmob Promposal by YouTube User ohgoshasdfghjkl‘s Sweet Boyfriend

The Set Up:

Boyfriend (who doesn’t go to the same school), is asking his girlfriend to accompany him to prom.


Outside, in front of the whole school, Chris Brown’s “YEAH 3x” starts blasting, and a group of people start dancing in sync with the music. The unsuspecting girlfriend is watching, but doesn’t exactly know who or what the flashmob is for! As the crowd continues to gather, and the dancers grow bigger, her friends push her in the middle and her boyfriend reveals that it’s all for her! He gives her a bouquet of flowers and starts showing off his fresh dance skills alongside everyone else! For the finale, cardboard signs pop the question “P-R-O-M-?”. And of course she said “YES!”. (more…)

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Think You Can Move Better? – A Jabbawockeez Promposal

YouTube User rosexhan captured these guys’ sweet moves.

The Set-up: Dance troupe asks their dates to prom by performing like The Jabawockeez.


The dance group, CHSAM, performs “Jabbawockeez Style” in the middle of  the school quad. Decked out in the ABDC winner’s famous masks, CHSAM begins their number while getting fanatic screams from the crowd. Reaching the end of the performance, the group members march into the crowd with flowers asking their respective dates to prom. With the shouts of joys and the endless laughs, every member got their wish! (more…)

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