March 4, 2013

Promposal Scavenger Hunt for Christina at Walmart

Wilson’s prom proposal is fun and full of surprises – watch how he made Christina happy!

His Description:

Hey guys! This is my take on how I asked my friend to prom. Having made my past dance proposals better each time, I had to find a better way to outdo the last. First, I had to get her schedule down and gather all my friends to make a game plan. So, I got my friend Rachel, to take Christina out for breakfast at Chick-Fil-A (right in front of Walmart). Afterwards, Rachel “needs to go to Walmart to buy supplies for a project” when really, Christina will be put through a scavenger hunt which will lead her to me. There are 4 checkpoints she will have to go through before meeting up with me in the Garden Center. Each checkpoint contains a clue that leads her onto the next. Get more insight by watching the video! Why I should win this contest? Not only will it save me money from all the expenses that I’m spending on Christina, the Calvin Klein Tux will make me look great on my prom night compared to what I would rent out somewhere else!

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A Scavenger Hunt and Dance for Jessica

Promposal involving clues are always exciting! Watch how Argie of St. John’s Highschool won Jessica’s heart

His Description:

So there’s this girl I care about and her name was Jessica. I wanted to make it the best prom for her and what better way to start than with a special promposal. I gathered a few of my friends and set up a scavenger hunt with each note having a special message, starting with the letters, P, R, O, and M, as an acronym for PROM, with four clues. For example, P is for the paralyzing crush I have on the girl who returned to St. John’s. Her name is Jessica. Then when she finds the final clue, I asked her to follow the flower path which sadly got swept away, eventually leading her to one of my good friends. He tells her to close her eyes and when she opens her eyes, she sees me and I perform a dance to Travis Garland’s cover of Adorn, because I know how much she loves to dance. My main purpose of this video was for my special date to have a everlasting memory she can always keep and look back to. Winning this contest will be bonus, but it wouldn’t hurt to look good in a Calvin Klein Tux.

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