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100% Cotton Tuxedo Shirts

 100% Cotton Tuxedo Shirts are a top choice with many men who want to look their best at a black tie or special event. Cotton is a natural, “breathable” fabric that is quite comfortable to wear and has a soft texture that is easy on most skin types, especially sensitive skin. Best of all, 100% Cotton Tuxedo Shirts always offer a crisp and polished look that you’d expect from a natural fiber. Our 100% Cotton Tuxedo Shirts are available in pleated or non pleated and also with a wing collar or laydown collar style. Looking for a budget friendly cotton tuxedo shirt? View our 100% Cotton Wing Collar Tuxedo Shirt with French Cuffs or 100% Cotton Laydown Collar Tuxedo Shirt with French Cuffs. Click the following link to view all tuxedo shirts on sale.

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