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XL Tuxedos: Tuxedo Fitting Tips for Extra Large Men

XL Tuxedos: Tuxedo Fitting Tips for Extra Large Men
Years ago, the only hope that an extra large man had for looking dapper during a formal event was to invest in a custom-designed tuxedo. Luckily, things have changed a lot. These days, it's easy to find an XL tuxedo when one is needed. Still, just buying an extra large tuxedo isn't enough to ensure that you look really good. There are a few tried-and-true tips that extra big guys can use to look especially dashing for any event; a few of the best ones are highlighted below!

Shoulder Pads: Right or Wrong?
Shoulder pads can go either way. If you have a protruding stomach that you'd like to downplay - and your shoulders aren't exceptionally broad - they could work for you. If your shoulders are already huge, though, steer clear of shoulder pads. If you layer them onto large shoulders, you will look like you're getting ready to play some football. Opt for an extra large tuxedo without shoulder pads (which almost all of our tuxedos have).

Advice about Lapels
If you're a husky fellow and would like to look a little slimmer in your XL tuxedo, opt for one with slender, rounded lapels. Peak lapels tend to make large features look even bigger, so they are definite no-nos. The long, sleek lines of smooth lapels will help to give you a longer and leaner appearance. You will notice the difference right away when you try one on.

Look for Adjustable-Waist Pants
Nothing is worse than wearing a pair of pants that fit at the beginning of the night but end up pinching after a large meal. To ensure that you look and feel your best, you might want to consider tuxedo pants with an adjustable waist. Usually, you can adjust them just on the inside of the waistband. Make sure to try them out; they may not be right for you, and it's better to figure that out beforehand.

Pay Attention to the Fit of the Collar
Even the thinnest man in the world can look pudgy when the collar of his tuxedo shirt pinches and constricts his neck. Ideally, you should be able to slip one finger between your neck and the collar of your shirt. If you can fit more than one finger, it is too loose; if you can barely squeeze a single finger in, it's too snug. It's amazing what a difference a well-fitting collar can make for the overall appearance of an extra large tuxedo!

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