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Best Tips When Registering for a Coffeemaker

Guest Post by Kevin Sinnott Starting out in married life has enough challenges without having to drink bad coffee in the mornings. The days of stopping off at four-bucks before work may be over too especially if long term goals include saving for a house. Then don't forget that one of life's greatest pleasures is lingering over a cup of coffee at your own breakfast table with the love of your life. So perhaps the most important item when registering is finding the perfect coffeemaker. Much of coffee’s flavor comes from brewing. Coffee improperly brewed cannot begin to produce the...

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Reception Cocktails

Guest Post by Emilia Jane Greetings Gentlemen. Today I want to talk to you about crafting your perfect bar and cocktail menu for the reception. My fiancé and I enjoy a good cocktail, as I’m sure you do too. One of our spots is the Violet Hour. The bartenders are really knowledgeable and helpful with crafting a menu that appeals to a wide variety of guests. We met with Robby while we were planning, to get his opinion both on specific drinks we should have, and really just how to craft a drink menu. He explained that typically a good...

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