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How A Gentleman Matches His Prom Date in 2013

It was hard enough to come up with the best promposal your school has ever seen, now you have to match your date’s dress. Don’t fret over formal wear. This is a good opportunity to show off that GQ-esque flair you've been hiding throughout the school year.  Still struggling at this point? Try some of these looks to keep your date and your style always at your side. [caption id="attachment_1768" align="aligncenter" width="468"] Submit Your Entry For A Chance To Win A Calvin Klein Tuxedo![/caption] If you’re at a complete loss, keep it simple and sophisticated. You can never go wrong...

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What’s New for 2013 in Prom Tuxedos?

Not sure what to wear on your special night? Try out some of 2013’s new trends for prom and this year’s big dance will prove to a blast! It’s all about making a splash with stylish formal wear.  [caption id="attachment_1764" align="aligncenter" width="468"] ENTER CONTEST NOW![/caption] Make this year’s prom be a night to remember by wearing an outfit you (and your date) can be proud of. This is the perfect time to be both dapper and daring. Men’s formal wear, especially, is kicking it up this year with high contrast pieces that will have the attention of everyone in the...

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