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Where was Your Tuxedo Last Night?

Man, last night was killer. Good thing you don't have to return those clothes, right? Read about how buying your tux might be the better move. [youtube width=392 height=221]DmEan87q6xo[/youtube] Once upon a time in the world of men's formal fashion, smart guys forwent buying their own tuxedos in favor of picking up a rental. By the light of the almighty dollar, this trend made perfect sense. After all, rentals were widely considered to be the thrifty alternative to the $400+ fully owned tuxedo, which is why the gentlemen who chose that route were considered wise in their spending. Fast forward...

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Top 10 Promposal Ideas for 2012

Want to go to prom with your dream date on your arm? Then find the right promposal. With our help, she will say yes when you ask!
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Money Saving Tips for Prom 2012

Ah, prom. One of the defining points of any young man's high school life, it can also be one of the biggest hits he takes to his growing bank account. Between tickets and transportation, parties and flowers, and tuxes and photo shoots, the average guy is looking to spend over $500 on making something special out of his prom night. Yikes! Though we can't quite help you with all of that (we're still mastering the fine art of not splurging on our own parties) we can offer up some solid advice on how to knock your wardrobe bill down a...

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