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Guide: Black Tuxedo: Notch, Shawl Or Peak Lapel?

Black Tuxedo: Notch, Shawl or Peak Lapel?
On the surface, buying a black tuxedo may seem easy enough; after all, they're all basically the same - right? Wrong! In reality, a great deal of thought has to go into the purchase of any tux. Once you get into the process, you're sure to be surprised by how many decisions you have to make. Don't worry: By taking things one step at a time, you can arrive at a final product that will suit you to a T. One aspect of choosing a tux that baffles many guys concerns its jacket's lapels; the following guide can help you sort it all out.

Peak Lapels Tuxedo Jackets
A peak lapel tuxedo has a unique look that is suitable for any guy who'd like to achieve a slightly more dashing look. The peak lapel was wildly popular during the first half of the twentieth century; however, it's come roaring back into style lately. It is broad and V-shaped; as its name suggests, it point up like a peak not too far below the collar line. You should be able to tell at a glance whether or not this type of lapel is right for you.

Shawl Lapels or Shawl Collars
Any guy who wants to wear the most traditional black tuxedo possible should opt for the shawl lapel. This sleek lapel is easy to spot, since it boasts a smooth, rounded look that is completely different than the other popular options. People interchangeably refer to it as a shawl collar or a shawl lapel tuxedo; either term is correct to use. Choose a tux with this type of lapel when you're determined to achieve the most classic look possible. It's impossible to go wrong with a shawl collar, and tuxes that feature them are easy to find.

Is a Notch Lapel Right for You?
Finally, we come to the notch lapel. This style is frowned upon by traditionalists, who claim that it only belongs on a regular suit - not on a black tuxedo. However, it's becoming more and more popular on black tie formal wear for men, so you shouldn't feel out of place by selecting this option. Not surprisingly, a notch lapel is a lapel that has a notch in it. Many men find the look to be quite flattering. If you'd rather not deck yourself out in a totally classic look, notch lapel tuxedos offer a stylish and sophisticated compromise.

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