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Guide: Black Tuxedo Vest Styles: Full Back Or Backless Vests

The Black Tuxedo Vest: Classic is Always in Style
Like any other item of clothing, certain styles of men's tuxedo vests don't work well for everyone. Just because something is a prevailing trend doesn't mean that you should wear it. If you're the type of guy who simply doesn't enjoy staying on top of fashion trends - or if you're just totally overwhelmed by the ever-changing world of tuxedo vests - you always have one reliable option: the black tuxedo vest. Once you've settled on getting a mens formal black vest, though, the decision-making isn't quite finished; tips for making the right choice are outlined below.

Backless Vests versus Fullback Vests
One of the most important decisions that you will make when selecting a black tuxedo vest concerns its back. Fullback vests are the most popular options, by far. Part of the reason for that is because they cover the whole back, which makes them versatile - you can slip off your jacket and still look dapper. The main drawback to a fullback mens formal black vest is that it's pricier than a backless version. A backless vest generally has a strip of material that extends from the neck to the waist. If you opt for one, you should plan on keeping your jacket on throughout the evening.

Vest Lapels or No Lapels?
Vests are available with or without lapels. In most cases, though, men opt for vests without lapels. For one thing, most tuxedo jackets already have lapels; while it's okay to wear a vest with lapels, it can be a little much. If you're going for a highly formal and ornamental look, a vest with lapels is a suitable choice; if you don't plan on wearing your jacket much during the evening, a vest with lapels is also a wise choice. Under most other circumstances, though, a vest without lapels is the best way to go.

Choosing the Right Material for Your Vest
Finally, you're going to have to decide what type of material your black tuxedo vest is going to have. There are two main options: silk or satin. This decision entirely depends upon your personal preferences. Silk, of course, has a very luxurious and glitzy look to it. Satin is more subdued but still quite elegant. A good thing to do is to try out one of each; check out plenty of pictures to decide whether silk or satin is right for you. Ultimately, you're bound to look phenomenal in your tuxedo and black vest.

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