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Guide: Choosing A Dinner Jacket For Your Cruise

Choosing a Dinner Jacket for Your Cruise Vacation
Packing for a cruise vacation can be challenging for one simple reason: While it's easy to pack casual attire, nearly every journey at sea involves formal night on the ship. For men, that means needing to think about the dinner jacket that they will wear for the event.

As is often the case with tuxedos, buying your own is often far more cost effective than renting formal-wear - especially if you travel this way often. If you are planning to buy a dinner jacket or tuxedo, here are some key factors to consider.

Should you look at double-breasted or single-breasted jackets?

If you will be wearing your jacket in a formal setting in which most of the time you'll be standing - such as a wedding - a double-breasted jacket is likely to look best. During your vacation, formal night will often extend only through your scheduled dinner. In other words, much of the time will probably be spent with you seated with the jacket unbuttoned. For this reason - and because single-breasted jackets are often viewed as more casual - a single-breasted coat may be better option. Buying a single-breasted jacket will present more opportunities for wardrobe variety as multi-colored cummerbunds can be worn and will show.

Which lapel style should you choose?

Both double-breasted and single-breasted tuxedo jackets are available with two different lapel styles: peaked and shawl. The peaked style is often considered the more formal of the two, so many who are buying their jackets for a vacation at sea often opt for a dinner jacket with shawl lapel. Not only is this style more casual, but it's also more ideal for warmer climates.

What should you think about beyond the basics?

In addition to making sure you choose a jacket that's comfortable, stylish, and appropriate for the occasion, when you are buying a formal jacket, you'll want to consider a few other points. You'll want to consider the material used on the lapel facings. You'll also want to consider various color options and whether you want to venture beyond the basic black. Ultimately, you'll also want to consider different fabric options, the style of the jacket's pockets, the way the coat is vented, and the style of the buttons.

By carefully considering all of your options - and your personal style - when you select a dinner jacket for your cruise, you can be sure to buy a jacket that will serve you well for years to come.

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