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Guide: Dinner Jackets For Men: Tips And Advice

Dinner Jackets: 3 Tips Every Man Should Know
Although the terms "dinner jacket" and "tuxedo jacket" are sometimes used interchangeably, they actually denote two very distinct things. In the United States, a dinner jacket expressly refers to an ivory or white jacket that is worn for a formal event; conversely, a tuxedo jacket is usually black. Before you invest in a men's white dinner jacket, though, it pays to know a few basic tips. After all, you don't want to inadvertently embarrass yourself during an important formal event. Read through the following tidbits to ensure that you pull off the dinner jacket look with ease.

Tip #1: Wear it During the Right Time of Year
In the northern hemisphere, it's only appropriate to don a men's white dinner jacket between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Think about it: You don't generally see guys wearing white jackets during the Christmas holidays; if you do, they are making major missteps. The bright, light-colored designed of a classic dinner jacket is only suitable for warm-weather months, which is why the Memorial-Day-to-Labor-Day rule is a time-honored tradition. It's easy enough to remember this rule, too. To be safe, pack away your white dinner jackets after Labor Day.

Tip #2: Be Confident while Wearing a Dinner Jacket
The most important accessory to a white dinner jacket is confidence. If you feel self conscious about wearing one, it's going to show. In that event, your overall look will suffer. Try on your dinner jacket before buying it; get a feel for how you look while you're wearing it. The man looking back at you in the mirror should be confident and in control. After all, James Bond helped to renew interest in white dinner jackets - and he's one of the most coolly confident male characters who ever existed.

Tip #3: Bring it Along on a Cruise
It's almost always okay to wear a white dinner jacket while on a cruise, Many cruises have formal events, and your dinner jacket is sure to come in handy then. Before leaving for your trip, have your dinner jacket professionally dry cleaned; keep it in its plastic bag when you pack it up. Due to its white color, stains and discolorations are readily apparent on this type of jacket. Nothing can ruin the cool look of a white dinner jacket quite like a noticeable stain, so be careful. Other than that, you should be able to wear your jacket on the cruise with pride!

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