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Tuxedo Guide: French Cuff Tuxedo Shirts

What are French Cuff Sleeve Tuxedo Shirts?

French cuffs are a form of cuff often found on a tuxedo shirt. Also called "double cuffs," they are twice as long as a standard shirt cuff. To attain the proper length and appearance when worn, the fabric is folded back on itself before being clasped together and fastened with a cufflink.  These cuffs are the preferred choice for formal shirts when worn to black-tie events.

What Goes With a French Cuff Tuxedo Shirt?

Cufflinks are a given when wearing men's formalwear. These fasteners take the place of buttons and come in a wide variety of styles. This adds class as well as versatility to a tuxedo shirt with French cuffs. The cufflinks can be anywhere along the range of understated to ostentatious, allowing their wearer to easily match his style to the event. Popular styles for use with a tuxedo shirt are often simple silver or gold, but jewels may be present as well.

A formal tie is usually worn with a tuxedo shirt, but when paired with a tuxedo, a black bow tie is the far-and-away favorite. It's one of the few times a bow tie truly adds class, and any other style will be a notable departure. At events that don't specify a black tie, other colors are acceptable, but must be used with caution if one is to maintain a properly-dignified appearance.

Other Tuxedo Shirt Accessories to Consider

To top off the high-class look of a tuxedo shirt with French cuffs, consider using shirt studs instead of buttons. Like cufflinks, these are detachable and come in a wide variety of styles. Usually, these styles are much classier than mere buttons and speak to the sophistication of the wearer.

It is typical to wear the French cuff shirt with a full tuxedo, including a jacket, tie, trousers, a waistcoat or cummerbund, and Oxford or court shoes. All major items other than the shirt are typically black. The tuxedo shirt itself is usually white, but may have contrasting piping. Together, the elements create a formal look that is just a shade less defined than white-tie formal dress.
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