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Tuxedo Guide: How Do I Measure Myself For A Tuxedo Shirt?

How do I measure myself for a tuxedo shirt?
A great looking tuxedo starts with the proper fit. Under lying the jacket and pants, the shirt is an integral part of the overall look. An improperly fitting tuxedo shirt makes the entire formal look sloppy. A tuxedo shirt requires the same measurements as a men's dress shirt. The most important are the neck circumference and the length of the shirt sleeves. A chest measurement is less important but still necessary for finding a tuxedo shirt with the proper fit. With these measurements in hand, the shirt should fit as well as the tuxedo.

Measuring Your Neck

Wrap a tape measure around the neck at the level of the top of a shirt collar. Insert two fingers under the tape measure between the neck and the tape. The fingers allow for room under the collar so the shirt does not constrict movement or breathing. This neck circumference will greatly determine the comfort of the shirt while it is worn.

Measuring Your Sleeves

The size of the shirt sleeves is critical as their length is readily visible at the cuff. Sleeves which are too long will extend over the hand, and too short sleeves leave a large gap between the end of the coat cuff and the shirt cuff. The correct sleeve length takes into account the entire arm. Extend a cloth measuring tape from the nape of the neck down one arm to the wrist. Hold the end at the neck at the 1 inch mark and use the length on the measuring tape as the measurement at the wrist. Find the chest measurement for the shirt by wrapping the tape under the arms and around the torso. The chest measurement will help to determine the proportions for the shirt as some men have larger chests while others have broader shoulders.

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