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Guide: Mens Formal Shoes: Styles And Tips For Men

Mens Formal Shoes
If the cost of mens formal shoes is scaring you off, consider this: These types of shoes are exquisitely designed and are built to last. By taking the time to find the right pair now, you will be able to enjoy them for many years to come. How can you make sure that you buy a pair that will be suitable for just about any occasion, though? The following pointers should lead any man in the right direction.

Lace-Ups or Slip-Ons?
Although slip-on shoes can be worn to less formal events, the truth of the matter is that lace-ups are where it's at when it comes to dressing to the nines. Most of the time, if you need to wear men’s formal shoes, you are going to want to wear lace-ups. Since these shoes will, with any luck, last you a long time, opt for lace-ups - you will be able to wear them to any black tie event.

Choosing the Right Fit
There are two main choices when it comes to the fit of lace-up formal shoes: balmoral or blucher. Balmoral style refers to a V-shaped, closed-throat design. Blucher refers to a style that includes open-throat lacing. Blucher-style shoes tend to have more room on the top, so they are great options for guys with high arches or insteps. For best results, try each shoe style on to see what works the best for you.

Selecting the Best Color
When it comes to color, there is no real choice to make: It always has to be black. For formal events, men need to stick with black shoes. Going for brown or for a strange color would be a major faux pas. Besides, black tuxedo shoes will go well in any situation, without question. Getting the most bang for your buck is a lot easier when men stick with black formal shoes.

Which Finish is Right for You?
While matte finishes are fine, there's something to be said for black patent leather shoes. Patent leather has that shiny, classy look that is sure to set you apart from the crowd. You are sure to be able to put black patent leather shoes to good use several times through the years. Matte finishes aren't forbidden, but they simply aren't as dashing as patent leather designs. Unless you have some sort of huge opposition to patent leather, always choose that finish when shopping for formal shoes.

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