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Guide: Men’s Prom Tux: Consider Buying Before Renting

Men's Prom Tux: Consider Buying before Renting
There's a common misconception out there that buying a tuxedo is needlessly extravagant and extremely frivolous. It stems from the belief that a men's prom tux has to break the bank. If you think that renting a tuxedo for prom is the only realistic option, though, think again. The truth is that there are many good reasons to buy a tux instead of renting one; a handful of the best arguments are outlined below.

Renting a Tux isn't Cheap
Despite the widespread belief that renting a tuxedo for prom is more economical than buying one, the reality is that renting a tuxedo generally costs about half as much as buying one. It's not like you're going to save oodles of cash by renting. Wear your snazzy, custom-fitted tux more than once and you've more than made up for your expenses.

Tuxes are Timeless
As long as you stick with a relatively classic design for your tuxedo, you don't have to worry about it looking hopelessly dated in a few years. In other words, you can hold on to your tuxedo and wear it many times through the years. If your measurements change, simply have your tux altered to suit your needs.  The same is true for tuxedo shirts and formal wear accessories.

Buying a Tux for Prom Lets You Get what You Want
The pickings are often slim at tuxedo rental places. Why choose between several so-so options, when you can dictate exactly what you want? Buying a tuxedo puts you in the driver's seat and allows you to get the style and look that's right for you.

Get the Right Fit by Purchasing
Looking great on prom night is as important for guys as it is for girls. The chances of finding a rental tuxedo that fits you in a flattering way are slim. Why not spend a little more to get a fit that's flattering and comfortable?

Enjoy Superior Comfort
Rental tuxedos are put through rigorous dry cleanings dozens and dozens of times. As a result, they tend to be anything but soft, comfortable or luxurious. When you invest in your own prom tux, you get to enjoy unbeatable comfort - and you don't have to subject your elegant formal wear to too many dry cleanings.

Be Ready for Anything- Your Prom Date will Appreciate it!
Finally, life is full of surprises. The older you get the more weddings and other formal events you'll have to attend. With your very own tux, you can avoid the mad dash of finding a rental tuxedo before any given event. The convenience of grabbing your tux out of your closet and heading out to prom just can't be beat.  Also, what girl wouldn’t love a guy that owns his own tuxedo…..everyone knows that Real Men Don’t Rent!

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