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Guide: Should You Wear A Suit Or Tuxedo For Prom?

Should You Wear a Suit or Tuxedo for Prom?
To hear adults talk about it, your prom is going to be one event that you'll remember for the rest of your life. All too often, so much fanfare is made about the dresses and gowns that the girls choose that guys are left out in the cold. Whether you want to admit it or not, you're probably unsure about whether to wear a suit or a tuxedo for prom. Don't worry - you're not alone. For many young men, prom is the first occasion that poses such a conundrum. Fortunately, it's easy enough to make the decision; you just need to give it a little thought.

Going the Extra Mile for Prom

Are there nice suits out there that can be worn for prom? Absolutely. Would most girls be thrilled with the prospect of attending prom with a guy who simply dug an old suit out of his closet? Probably not. The choice that you make is going to depend on how much the night really means to you - and by how much you want to impress your date. Whether you're attending the prom with your longtime girlfriend, a new love interest or someone who's just a friend, she's sure to be flattered when you go the extra mile by choosing a tuxedo.

Snap Prom Pics to Remember

How often do you get to deck yourself out to the nines? Chances are, not all that often. Think about how many pictures are going to be snapped over the course of the evening. Consider how much fun it will be to pose in a classy-looking tuxedo. Even if the prospect of prom night fills you with a bit of dread, you're sure to appreciate the James Bond factor that donning a tuxedo for prom brings to the table.

Go Formal- Get a Tux for Prom

You only get to experience prom night once - barring unforeseen circumstances like having to repeat the twelfth grade. When you look at it that way, it's easy to see why opting for the classy option of a topnotch tuxedo is such a worthwhile choice. In any event, there's no harm in going for the dressier option; dressing down is where a major misstep would happen. Once prom night is over, you'll find yourself reminiscing about it every time you see your tux hanging in your closet. Who knows - you might even have the opportunity to wear it again sometime soon!

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