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Guide: Wedding Formal Wear: What Every Man Should Know

Wedding Formal Wear: What Every Man should Know
Few events ruffle a man's feathers quite like a wedding. Being invited to a wedding is a pretty big deal. You can bet your bottom dollar that the bride and groom care a great deal about how their guests dress, which is why they will generally specify the level of formality that is required of them. By deciphering what the various terms on a wedding invitation mean, you can greatly reduce the risk of making a major faux pas during your next wedding. As a man, wedding formal wear may seem like a tricky subject; in reality, though, it's not that bad.

Semi-Formal Weddings: What to Wear
As the name implies, a semi-formal event is one that doesn't necessarily require a tuxedo. In fact, you can probably just wear some nice dress slacks and a decent button-up shirt and call it a day. However, it is never okay to wear jeans or basic t-shirts to a wedding - unless the invitation explicitly advises you to do so. Most people don't want that, so it's unlikely that you will ever run across such a request.

Getting Dressed for a Formal Wedding (Black Tie Optional)
While tuxedos aren't mandatory for a formal wedding, they are allowed. In fact, you can stand out in a very positive way by donning a tux at a formal wedding. This type of wedding formal wear can run the gamut from a nice suit to a full-fledged tuxedo. Take your cue from what your friends are doing; when in doubt, call the groom and ask him what to do.

What About Black Tie Weddings?
If you receive a wedding invitation that specifically requests black tie attire, you are going to have to wear a wedding tuxedo. This is a great opportunity to go out and buy a tux that actually fits and looks great. There is no getting around this requirement, either - if it says "black tie," it means it.

Creative Black Tie Weddings
Every once in a while, a wedding invitation will call for "creative black tie" attire. This means that, while you still have to wear a tux, you can give it a little twist. Most guys simply trade in a regular white shirt for a colorful one; others opt for collarless shirts. In other words, you can tweak your shirt to achieve a slightly different and more creative look. Make sure that the shirt that you choose goes well with your tux, and you will be ready for action. 

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