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Lace Up Tuxedo Shoes

A nice pair of formal shoes is an excellent end point to any tuxedo. In fact, the right pair can infuse your entire ensemble with an elegant sort of vigor, while the wrong pair can prove distracting to the point where it diminishes the effectiveness of your look. Suffice it to say, you ought not to step lightly when choosing your footwear. This selection of lace up tuxedo shoes features some excellent formal shoes, each of which embodies the refinement and grace of the men's formal aesthetic. Both Balmoral and Blucher styles are featured here, and we're happy to be able to offer both black and white options so that each man may find the perfect shoe to pair with his tuxedo. Why not give it a once (or twice) over and see what appeals to your tastes?
Black (Celebration) Tuxedo Shoes
$79.95 $110.00 Sale