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Tuxedo Vest Size 5XL

We've all seen the unpleasantness that can result from an improperly fitting tuxedo vest. For such a small garment, it's rather amazing how easily it can make a man look rumpled and messy even when the rest of his tuxedo fits him like a dream. As a big & tall gentleman though  or as someone who shops for one “ you know that the right fit isn't always so easy to find.

Our selection of 5XL tuxedo vests exists to make it easy for the larger man to find a formal vest that doesn't simply suit his frame but also allows him to express his style through a variety of colors and designs. Don't take our word for it though; you'll have a much better time seeing it for yourself. Each of our 5XL vests are available in Long (Tall) sizes for gentleman over 6'1" in height.

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