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Guide: Men’s Formal Shirts: Purchase A Formal Shirt For Less

Types of Formal Shirts for Men
On the outset, shopping for formal shirts for men can be daunting. The confusing sizes, vast range of different fabrics, wide array of fits and other variables can leave you spinning your tires. Don't worry, though - finding the right shirt doesn't have to be difficult. By making up your mind about a few key details beforehand, you can fly through the process of buying a formal shirt.

Formal Shirt Fabrics

Formal shirts for men are available in many different fabrics. Cotton is a versatile choice, since it's breathable and retains dyes well. During hot weather, linen is a good option; however, it does wrinkle easily, so keep the iron handy. You could always kick your style up a notch by opting for dressier fabrics, too. Oxford's rugged look is achieved through the use of heavier yarns; the horizontal ribbed look of poplin is also a nice choice. Twill's diagonal weave is a nice choice for solid-colored shirts, while broadcloth's silky appearance is a great way to jazz up any ensemble.

Fit and Sizing for Men's Formal Shirts

If you've never purchased a men's formal shirt before, you may be initially baffled by the sizes that are available. The first number signifies neck size, and the second number signifies sleeve length. Make sure to get precise measurements to avoid uncomfortable fits.

In terms of fit, you have three basic choices when it comes to men's formal shirts: regular, athletic or full. As the name implies, a regular shirt has a standard fit that suits virtually everyone. An athletic fit has a narrower, slimmer style; a full fit is looser and is suitable for men with larger statures.

Collar Options for Formal Shirts for Men

The style of the collar of a men's formal shirt has a major impact on its overall appearance. If you have a round face, go with a spread collar that has large gaps between its tips. If you have a long neck, a tab collar - which is high and has a smaller spread - will be flattering. When in doubt, you can't go wrong with a straight-point collar, which has V-shaped points.  However, a wing collar tuxedo shirt is also a classic yet stylish option.

Formal Shirt Cuffs

Be sure to take the style of the cuffs into consideration when selecting your formal shirt. Convertible cuffs are nice because they can be used with buttons or cuff links. French cuffs, or double cuffs, fold back and are held in place with cuff links or silk knots; they are great for more formal occasions. If you're unsure, go for barrel cuffs - they close with one or more buttons and look nice with virtually any tuxedo.

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