2012 Tony Awards – Tuxedos and Black Ties Steal the Show

[caption id="attachment_93" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Stars showed up in style at the 66th Annual Tony Awards."]Armani Tuxedos Golden Globes[/caption]

The ceremony at last weekend's Tony Awards was quite the show – host Neil Patrick Harris wowed viewers, James Corden shocked the world as the surprise winner of the award for Best Actor, and the ceremony itself generated not a little controversy with its spot for Royal Carribean International. But the real story of the night was the dazzling array of well-dressed men on the red carpet, on the stage, and in the audience. A whole host of actors showed up in their best duds; we give you the highlights of the night.

When Neil Patrick Harris wasn't knocking 'em dead with his one-liners, he was doing it with his wardrobe: completely Calvin Klein and completely stunning. The best look of the entire night might have been, quite possibly, his black tuxedo jacket and rail thin black tie to match. Black was indeed the color of the night; VH1 reports that John Stamos' all-black attire was far from looking out of place. Black ties were on display in full force, looking particularly sharp on both Andrew Garfield and Matthew Morrison. [caption id="attachment_826" align="alignleft" width="190" caption="The Calvin Klein Devon, 2-Button Jacket with Peak Lapel, just $295"]The Calvin Klein Devon, 2-Button Jacket with Peak Lapel[/caption] And, of course, the rest of the best were decked out in magnificent tuxedos. Hugh Jackman, who took home a Special Tony Award, was cited by VH1 and the UK's GQ alike as a show-stopper in his dapper tux with extra-wide peak lapels. James Corden, he of the who-saw-it-coming Best Actor award, also had his peak-lapel tux on display as he graciously accepted his prize. Not to be outdone, there were plenty of shawl collars to be seen too, especially on Matthew Morrison and James Marsden. The women had their fair share of brilliant outfits as well, but it's no secret that all that in both black tie and tux on the men stole the show. But it wasn't just the clothes that made this Tony Awards such a memorable one. The attendees were some of the biggest names on the stage and screen, and just about all of them have some very big accomplishments to their name. Just think about the fact that James Corden beat out names like Philip Seymour Hoffman and James Earl Jones to give you an idea of the star-level in attendance. And while Andrew Garfield might not have picked up the award for Best Featured Actor, but he's sure to wow audiences when The Amazing Spider-Man debuts next month. It wasn't just the nominees, either; presenters included the wondrous Paul Rudd and heart-stopping Amanda Seyfreid, and performances featured Broadway mainstays like Mathew Broderick. With all that star power so well dressed, it's really quite surprising that the ratings for the 2012 ceremonies were down from years previous. All-in-all, though, this year's Tony Awards were very far from a disappointment; it makes one wonder what will be on display in 2013.

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