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Tuxedo Accessories

Once you've chosen your tuxedo and tuxedo shirt, there's no better way to take your look and transform it into a formal expression of self than through the bevy of tuxedo accessories available. For this reason, it was of the utmost importance to us that we present you with as wide an array of formal accessories as possible. Our selection includes bow tie and cummerbund sets, neck ties, suspenders, formal gloves and scarves, dress socks, and top hats, in a variety of colors, cuts, and styles so that you can build a formal ensemble that suits you so well that you might find yourself never wanting to wear anything else again.
"Crawford" Burgundy Suspenders
$24.95 $39.95 Sale
"French Satin" Khaki Suspenders
$24.95 $39.95 Sale
"Grey Checkers" Suspenders
$24.95 $39.95 Sale
"Imperial" Silver Suspenders
$44.95 $64.95 Sale
"Manuel" Black Suspenders
$59.95 $79.95 Sale
"Vincenzo" Ivory Suspenders
$64.95 $89.95 Sale
Amethyst "Premier" Satin Formal Neck Tie
$17.95 $29.95 Sale
Apple "Premier" Satin Formal Neck Tie
$17.95 $29.95 Sale
Asphalt Weave 100% Silk Cummerbund Set
$49.95 $100.00 Sale
Bamboo "Premier" Satin Formal Neck Tie
$17.95 $29.95 Sale
Banana "Premier" Satin Formal Neck Tie
$17.95 $29.95 Sale
Berry "Premier" Satin Formal Neck Tie
$17.95 $29.95 Sale