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Formal Suspenders, Braces

Whether you call them Formal Suspenders or Formal Braces for tuxedos, the truth is that it doesn't matter what you all them as long as they hold up your pants! As you may know, tuxedo trousers are not made with belt loops, and therefore it is quite common to wear suspenders (braces) with a tuxedo. Most of the tuxedos show on our website that come with exact waist trousers, do have the inside buttons to fasten the braces. For the tuxedos that have the adjustable waist trousers, the tuxedo suspenders are not necessary, however they can certainly be worn to complete the formal look. Though adjustable waist trousers are not made with inside buttons, it is very simple to for your tailor to add them. We carry a complete line of formal braces including mylar clip suspenders, black silk suspenders, as well as our high line of Trafalgar braces. We find that formal suspenders make a great gift item, particularly for groomsmen.
"Casino" Suspenders
$29.95 $60.00 Sale
"Manhattan"  Navy & Red Dots Silk Suspenders
$49.95 $69.95 Sale
"Manhattan" Black & Khaki Silk Suspenders
$49.95 $69.95 Sale
"Manhattan" Khaki & Navy Silk Suspenders
$49.95 $69.95 Sale
Black (Apulia) Formal Braces
$59.95 $80.00 Sale
Black (Mantova) Braces with Silver Hardware
$59.95 $80.00 Sale
Black Formal Regal Brace with Silver Clinch
$54.95 $75.00 Sale