How to Tie a Tie

Why clip on a tuxedo bow tie when you can tie that bow tie yourself?

Who says tying a tuxedo bow tie has to be difficult? It's easy when you have the right instructions from FineTuxedos. Simply follow the step-by-step color coordinated bow tie illustrations and instructions below. In no time, you'll have the elegant, distinguished look you desire for your wedding, black tie event, or charity fundraiser. But don't wait until the last minute. Practice in front of a mirror before your special event. Have fun!!

Place the bow tie around your neck. Position it so that "Green" section of the bow tie is longer than the "Yellow".

Cross the "Green" side of the bow tie over the "Yellow".

Bring the "Green side of the bow tie under the loop.

Now, double "Yellow" over itself to form the front base loop of the bow tie.

Loop "Green" over the center of the loop you just formed in the bow tie.

Holding everything in place, double "Green" back on itself and poke it through the loop behind the bow tie.

Adjust the bow tie by tugging at the ends of it and straightening the center knot.

Stand back and enjoy your efforts.