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Dinner Jackets

White dinner jackets have been a formal wear option in warm climates since the 1930's. It is a truly elegant form of dress that is typically worn during summer months (from Memorial Day and Labor Day). Dinner jackets are also quite a classic style dress for formal nights on cruises. Most dinner jackets worn today are single breasted with a shawl style lapel that is “self facing”. A self facing lapel or collar is one that is the same fabric as the rest of the jacket. You will note that tuxedos have a satin lapel instead of the self facing lapel.

Though we refer to these as white dinner jackets they are actually available in white and off white (or winter white). Since wool cannot be woven in pure white, all better dinner jackets are made in an off white or ivory color. However, many men do require a pure white dinner jacket for fraternal groups, orchestras, etc. so we do offer them. That said, if you plan on wearing a dinner jacket to a formal function, we highly suggest that you wear the off white option. All dinner jackets should be matched with black formal tuxedo trousers, a white tuxedo shirt, black cummerbund and bow tie. Yes, even if you choose the off white jacket, your shirt should definitely be pure white.