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Banded / Mandarin Shirts

Though not as popular a style as in years past, the fashion forward mandarin collar (or banded collar) tuxedo shirt still has quite a following. The mandarin style shirt differs from the wing tip tuxedo shirt and the laydown collar tuxedo shirt in that it is not worn with a tie. Banded style tuxedo shirts are worn with a button cover that covers the top button at the neck, in lieu of a formal tie. We offer a few different mandarin collar tuxedo shirts. They are available in pleated and non pleated styles.

If you are a big fan of this contemporary formal look, please note that we carry mandarin collar tuxedos as well. The Jean Yves Mandarin Tuxedo has been one of our hottest sellers for many years. It is a very popular style tuxedo for prom, as well as for the groom.