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Tuxedo Pants / Trousers

Proper trousers are an important part of your men's formal wear ensemble. The tuxedo pants should always be made from the same color and material as the jacket. All pants have a single stripe (usually satin) down the leg to match the lapel facings on the tuxedo jacket. We offer them in a few different styles and fabrics. Since formal trousers are not made with belt loops, it is common to find them made with an adjustable waist. Adjustable waist tuxedo trousers can be taken in or let out as need be, and do not require a tailor to do the alterations. However, better choices are made with an exact waist size only. This means that the services of a tailor would be required to do alterations to the waist for an appropriate fit. Exact waist tux pants are also usually made with inside buttons to take formal suspenders. We carry black, ivory and white tuxedo pants. It is VERY important to remember that formal trousers should never be cuffed at the bottom, and should only have a straight hem. While exploring your choice for a pant, consider a matching tuxedo shirt.