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Tuxedo Tails & Tailcoats

No matter how you refer to them (tailcoats, tuxedo tails or full dress tails), they are still the most formal and most elegant option for any formal affair. However, tailcoats should only be worn to formal affairs that are specifically a white tie invitation. It would not be appropriate to wear tails to an invitation that calls for a black tie, as only a tuxedo should be worn to these types of affairs. The only exception are white tuxedo tails, which are a very popular style for the groom in many cultures. Tailcoats should hug the torso slightly more than a tuxedo jacket, with the front of the tailcoat ending just below the waist, and the tails ending in the back of the knees or slightly below. Most classic styles are made with a satin peak lapel, however you will also find them in the less popular (and more contemporary) notch lapel. We do carry both styles. Proper accessories are very important to the formal white tie ensemble. The tailcoat should be matched with formal trousers, and a tuxedo shirt like white wing tip pique formal shirt, white pique backless vest & bow tie, and formal shoes. Full dress tails should not be worn with a cummerbund and bow tie, as this would not be considered proper protocol.