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Slim Fit Tuxedos

We're in the midst of an exciting shift in men's formal fashion. Dwindling are the days when loose fits and casual styling dominated the scene, and in their place arrives a new twist on old traditions “ one that is far less forgiving of things like bagginess and bulkiness than the standard tux.

These slim fit tuxedos are tailored to fit more closely to your figure while maintaining the straight lines and smoothness that define the elegance of formalwear. What results is a sleeker aesthetic that embodies what it means to to be a well-dressed gentleman by wholly contemporary standards. This collection embraces that aesthetic in full, and with it we strive to bring you the best modern trim fit tuxedos that we can.

So go ahead, give them a good look. You might just find yourself setting your own trends.
Ike Behar SLIM FIT Tuxedo - Super 120's Wool
$409.95 $695.00 Sale
Navy Velvet 1 Button Peak Tuxedo Jacket
$199.95 $249.95 Sale