3 of the Greatest Wedding Proposals Ever

A marriage proposal is a big event for any woman, but not all grooms go out of their way to make it particularly memorable. Luckily, before they are ready to pick out tuxedo vests & accessories, some men go the extra mile to make the proposal really stand out. These three guys really shine when it comes to well-planned and romantic proposals.

Movie Theater Wedding Proposal

This wedding proposal makes its mark in the movie theater- watch the whole video on YouTube. Because of the split screen in the video, viewers can see a real-time reaction from the bride-to-be as she realizes that this movie trailer isn't exactly standard. The prospective groom prerecorded his conversation with his girl's father, asking his permission for her hand in marriage. It takes a minute for the girlfriend to realize that the voices are familiar, but it slowly dawns on her that this is no ordinary preview. The tears flow freely until the final climax, when the guy walks into the theater, gets down on one knee and officially pops the question. Perfectly timed and planned, he gets an immediate acceptance. After that effort, picking out tuxedo shoes will be a piece of cake for this groom.

The Disney Musical Wedding Proposal

When a couple meets at Disneyland, what better way to propose than returning to the Magic Kingdom? In this proposal, what starts as a fairly standard public declaration quickly turns into a full-fledged musical review. Spectators turn out to be involved participants and it's clear that a lot of time, planning and practice went into this amazing proposal. The man even picks the ring out of a street sweeper's dustpan while the girlfriend looks on in almost total shock. At the end of the show, her adorable acceptance is met with enthusiastic applause from the assembled crowd.

The Airport Proposal...With The Whole Flight Involved!

While this proposal lacks some of the theatrical effects of the previous two top proposals, it is extremely romantic and heart-felt. Like the other two top proposals, it is a decidedly public affair, taking place as the prospective bride waits for her man to disembark from a flight. As passengers start to come off the plane, each hands the woman a single red rose. With her arms full and teary eyes, she finally sees her boyfriend walk out the door. He immediately gets down on one knee and pops the question. Of course, cameras capture her reaction as it unfolds. When she's busy shopping for formal wear, this bride is sure to remember this moment again and again.

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