5 Suave 60’s Style Rules: Don Draper’s Formal Wear

[caption id="attachment_1460" align="alignright" width="224" caption="Get the look inspired by TV's Don Draper. Follow these 60's style rules and you will definitely be able to pull it off."][/caption] On the silver screen, James Bond set a standard for men’s formal wear. The daring British agent is always decked out in strong suits whether he is fending off henchmen or simply having a drink. Since the 1960’s, no other film icon has made such an impact on tuxedo suits for men. In the present day, however, the small screen has brought us a new fashion visionary. In 2007, TV audiences were introduced to Don Draper, the protagonist of Mad Men, AMC’s drama that revolves around the advertising industry. Notably reigniting interest in the era for the modern viewer, this show led to the comeback of 60’s style suits, which inevitably developed a new trend.  Set in the tumultuous time period, the show followed Draper’s exploits which ranges from drunkenly landing a high profile job to starting a new company. The show often portrayed Don in varied situations but one thing that was constant was his impeccable sense of fashion. He always looked like a man who means serious business. For those who adore his style and want to have even a little bit of his flair, here are some important rules for 21st century men to gain that 1960’s look.
  1. Never wear baggy clothes. Look for coats and tuxedo pants with lines that follow the contour of your body. This old fashioned look is more flattering and usually, the more form-fitting, the better; just make sure that your suit isn’t too tight or else it will bunch up in all the wrong corners!
  2. If finding a perfect-fitting tuxedo or suit isn’t possible, seek out a tailor. Getting a custom fit suit will flatter the shape of your body and can produce a leaner image. This also gives you a good opportunity to restore life into old clothes – specifically trousers and tuxedo shirts that were bought one size too big.
  3. The 60’s was notorious for monotone colors like browns and grays with dashes of blue. You can mix these hues into your wardrobe through a variety of ways such as wearing colored ties and cummerbunds or vests. Teal and mustard yellow are nice compliments. A skinny tie (2 and three quarters long) can help finish this look off too.
  4. Accessories are another great addition to help complete your retro vintage look. Based on the color scheme chosen, a pocket square would be perfect to accentuate your suit. White is a good selection for a regular tux but reds and blues are more daring. Fedoras are a well-liked fashion statement as well but wearing one is only recommended for weddings. The hats are more festive for certain party occasions.
  5. If looking for something smaller, watches are a nice addition that will not cause a distraction. A small, bold face clock with a brown or black leather strap to enhance your jacket would suffice.
Ultimately, this 60’s set look is completed with attitude. If you look good, you feel good. Keeping up with that positive thinking will help give you the confidence to own it, transforming you into the Don Draper of the 21st century!

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