Choosing the Right Tuxedo For Your Wedding

[caption id="attachment_2589" align="alignleft" width="300"]Choosing the Right Tuxedo for Your Wedding Make your big day even more memorable with the perfect tuxedo.[/caption] For men, the tuxedo is the ultimate dress-up item. It is the type of piece that is only worn a handful of times over a lifetime, and is reserved for the most formal of occasions. That makes choosing the right one very important. Selecting the best-looking tuxedo takes time and knowledge of your own body type and personal style. The type of event that you’ll be wearing the tuxedo for will also help determine the proper style to select – in particular, your wedding will call for the finest fit. Weddings vary in terms of season and time of day that the ceremony and reception are held, so factoring those into the decision is important as well. Men do not have to choose from long evening gowns, the trusted little black dress, or even the frilly tulle skirted variety of evening wear, but they do have a range of choices. When it is time for a wedding, any groom to be will want to look his best. If you feel lost, don't! Here are some tried-and-true tips on how to pick a tuxedo for your build and for the occasion. Read them thoroughly before making any decisions. You’ll want to first know what types of tuxedos are available, as they can vary quite a bit in cut and style. For example, different types of tuxedos have different numbers of buttons, types of lapels, collars, and waistlines. The fewer the buttons, the more lean the look. A shawl collar can add to smaller shoulders with an elegantly smooth, clean line. Men with larger waists will want to avoid cummerbunds with their tuxedo and instead choose a quality tuxedo vest possibly a satin vest, which can hide a man's waist instead of drawing attention to it. The most difficult part about choosing a tuxedo for a tall man with a thin build is making sure that the sleeves and pants legs are of ample length. On the plus side, for men who are tall and thin, nearly any style of tuxedo will look good. Double breasted tuxedos will help fill out bulk for men who want to appear more wide across the chest and shoulders. Men who are short and stocky in stature should avoid double breasted tuxedos since they add more bulk to the upper body and reduce the appearance of height. Choosing a colored tuxedo can make a bold statement, but it may not be appropriate for every occasion. However, for a wedding in the spring or summer a tan or grey tuxedo is acceptable – especially if the ceremony will take place outdoors. For whatever ensemble you decide on, make sure that you feel comfortable wearing the tuxedo. After all, it really is just another type of suit. Get a proper fitting to make sure the that pant legs are not too long, and have the tailor check all seams along the jacket. You'll be good to go in no time, and ready to confidently enjoy your wedding day!  

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