Cut Costs: Buy Groomsmen Tuxedos Instead of Renting

The summer months are filled with a whirlwind of bachelor parties, rehearsal dinners, and weddings.  If you are  engaged, than hopefully you have been paying close attention to the rising cost of weddings.  According to recent surveys conducted by the Wedding Channel and, the average cost of an American wedding in 2011 came in at upwards of $27,000. It is rapidly approaching the height of wedding season and as you gather decoration ideas at all of the weddings you attend, make sure that you are also thinking about how to cut costs at your own celebration.

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In American weddings, it is a very common practice to rent the tuxedos of the groom and the groomsmen.  However, this common practice is rapidly becoming unnecessary now that there are many affordable designer tuxedos available for sale. The men in the wedding party no longer have to shell out a few hundred dollars for a tuxedo rental, when for the same few hundred dollars, they can instead invest in a tuxedo jacket, tuxedo trouser, dress shirt, vest, cummerbund, and bow tie. You should begin by looking at every aspect of your wedding including groomsmen’s tuxedos.  It is counter intuitive, but you can actually save money by not renting a tux. There are no sacred cows in wedding budget planning, and in this case, it is simply more economical to buy the groomsmen’s tuxedos.

[caption id="attachment_740" align="alignright" width="197" caption="Tux Packages Starting at $129"]Tux Packages Starting at $129.[/caption] Tailored, well fitting, tuxedos do not have to be uber expensive. There are alternatives to cheap ill-fitting tuxedos.   Online retailers, such as, offer designer and luxury tuxedos at a range of affordable prices and styles.  In many cases, complete tuxedo sets which are purchased cost significantly less than comparable tuxedo packages which are rented.  It goes without saying than, that all of the groomsmen now have an entire tuxedo on hand for those super special occasions.  Purchasing your groomsmen tuxedos and foregoing traditional rental arrangements is a fantastic opportunity to outfit the bridal party and save on your overall costs.  You can even make the presentation of the tuxes to your groomsmen part of their bridal party thank you gift. There are many online wedding budget tools which can help you map out and create your wedding budget.  Among them, is a very simple easy going tool at cost of wedding which will allow you to calculate the average wedding costs in your city.  The tool also provides a breakdown of all of the possible wedding items and categories any couple may want to include.  Their wedding cost estimator is very detailed.  Most of the things you thought a wedding needed, and some you haven’t even heard of, are all listed in the budget estimation tool. There are lots of ways to trim the initial bloated wedding budget you are sure to create.  Just remember that using your imagination and getting creative is just important as doing your cost-comparison research.  Save tradition for the really important wedding matters, and join the new trend of outfitting all of the groomsmen in flawless purchased tuxedos. *Estimated costs do not include taxes or shipping charges.  Prices and packages subject to availability.

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