Down Under 2010 ARIAs Offer Youthful Formal Fashion

[caption id="attachment_127" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="“Operator Please did not phone it in when it came to their attire at the ARIAs”"]“Operator Please did not phone it in when it came to their attire at the ARIAs”[/caption]Australia’s version of the GRAMMYS was held this week and there were some great and really terrible looks. One group that caught my eye, and the eye of many others, was the popular rock group Operator Please. As many reviewers noted, this youthful combination of guys and gals got it right in terms of their age and the occasion. Off Beat Formal Yes, pun intended, these musicians were a bit off beat in their fashion choices and yet appropriate and sort of traditional. Certainly not off the wall at all; what they wore reminded me a bit of what the Jonas Brothers might have on if they had a bit more taste. And unlike some of their elders at the 2010 ARIAs, Operator Please dressed with respect for the occasion. As an example of those who did not, Angus Stone looked like Charles Manson on a bad day. He could have at least washed his T-shirt. And that lady singer MC Blu had some sort of homage to Betty Page going on while Ruby Rose looked like she was wearing a tablecloth from The Sound of Music. Greys, Blacks and Off-Whites Operator Please was attired in semi-formal wear that included dress jackets, ties and even a boutonniere for one member. They had this overall polished look that served their youthful exuberance nicely. Great job by this group as they walked the fashion tightrope on the ARIA red carpet.

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