Fashion in Music Videos

[caption id="attachment_2428" align="alignleft" width="300"]music Music videos can give you a clear idea of what styles are trending.[/caption] Everyone enjoys watching music videos. Maybe this is because you can see the artist as he or she actually sings the words: see the expressions, the emotions, and the soul that they pour into the lyrics. Or maybe it’s because you get to watch a short video clip that tells a story that can be as complex as that of a feature film. Maybe it’s because you get a glimpse into what the song lyrics actually mean to the writer. Or maybe it is because of the fantastic fashion and trendy styles that are showcased in these music videos. In fact, music videos seem to be designed with style in mind. The makeup is usually flawless and the clothing ranges from dapper and formal to jaunty and casual. Even if the lyrics and video don’t revolve around fashion, the clothing the artists wear inexplicably stands out. People seem to comment on the makeup and clothes these singers and dancers wear almost as much as they comment on the video itself. Additionally, there are many music videos today that intentionally draw attention to different clothing styles. For instance, Justin Timberlake wrote a song entitled “Suit and Tie” featuring Jay Z. Looking as high class and trim as ever, in this music video Timberlake sings and dances across many different sets sporting a fierce formal wear tuxedo. The song’s title itself draws attention to the gentlemanly style he exhibits and a few of the lyrics stand out for pro-formal wear fashion too: “as long as I got my suit and tie…all pressed up in black and white…” But while Timberlake and Jay Z look groomed and stylish, there have been many fashion looks in music videos that are on the opposite side of the scale. Miley Cyrus has recently created a few music videos where she dances scantly clad throughout. Not only does she disregard the posh of “formal wear,” she seems to skip casual wear altogether too. This former Disney-star can now be seen in as much as just underwear and bra and as little as a pair of boots. Fashion in music videos clearly extends across a wide spectrum of acceptability. This just goes to show you that the fashion world is a vast industry that promotes an individualized sense of style. It’s up to each person on their own to decide which style is most reflective of their own personality. With all the different casual or formal accessories and outfits out there, it can be hard to decide what is currently considered “in” and what is not. The best way to figure out what styles are trending at the moment is to scour popular music videos and imitate the particular styles that are popular at a given time. At the same time, make sure to add a bit of your own personality to every look. No music video will be exactly the same, so feel free to give yourself a loose leash in which to adapt styles and convert them into a look that is best for you.

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