Fashion Tips for Men’s Formal and Not-so-Formal Wear

[caption id="attachment_119" align="alignleft" width="232" caption="Pants too Short?"]Fashion Tips for Men’s Formal and Not-so-Formal Wear[/caption]There are mistakes and there are mistakes. Men’s formal wear is governed by some basic rules and guidelines and, to a lesser degree men’s business attire also carries some rules of thumb (at least). Here are ten fashion faux pas you won’t want to make. 1. The Clash—No not the band. Your colors. Make sure they match and compliment and don’t pattern yourself to death with lines and designs that go every which way. 2. Shoes—Scuffed, wrong color, unpolished, wrong style. Shoes are very important. If people at an event are looking at your feet, there’s probably nothing wrong with your face. It’s your shoes. 3. Wrinkles—And I don’t mean the type that come with age spots. If you’re wearing an unpressed tux or suit, you should ask yourself why wear it at all? 4. Tie the Tie Correctly—Bow tie, necktie, string tie…make sure it is tied correctly and the right length, etc. 5. Pants too Short—You don’t want to look like your preparing for the next great flood with pants that are too high off the ground. Pants should cover your socks and cut along the top front part of your shoe. 6. Socks—Guys often forget about their socks in the same way they forget about their shoes. Socks should me matching, black if you’re wearing a tux and they need to cover the shin so your skin isn’t exposed when you sit. 7. Short Sleeves—Short sleeves aren’t meant to be worn with men’s formal wear or even a men’s business suit. Long sleeves are the style and look you want. 8. Hair!—Along with making sure your hair is clean it should be cut appropriately and brushed and combed. Not a lot of effort is needed but many men seem to forget that they have hair. 9. Belts—This is not martial arts. A belt should never be worn with a tuxedo. 10. Ill-fitting Clothes—If you feel like you’re swimming in your clothing, then you are and that doesn’t look good. Make sure your tux or suit fits you properly. That’s very important. These are 10 of the most common miscues that men make when they are getting dressed up. Remember, when you’re going to attend a formal or semi-formal occasion or when you’re out in the business world, you want to look as good as possible. That doesn’t mean spending a lot of money but it does mean attending to many of the details that are often overlooked.

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