Formal Wear Maintenance Tips: Tuxedo Care

[caption id="attachment_1357" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="To maintain a sharp look and a snazzy appeal, take proper care of your tux."][/caption] A good quality tuxedo is a worthwhile investment that can last for many years. You may not use it very often, but it remains an asset to your wardrobe. That said, maintaining your tuxedo is extremely important. When you take the time to buy a tuxedo, you should take care of it so it will look like new for years to come. First and foremost, there are a few things to keep in mind when wearing your tux.  While out, make sure to unbutton your tuxedo jacket when you sit down. There is no need to add strain to your buttons. Pulling your pants up at the knees will also help prevent stretching the fabric in your pants. Not only will it be more comfortable, but it will also keep the integrity of the fabric. You should also limit what you keep in your pockets. While it may be convenient to have your keys and wallet on you, stuffing them in your pockets stretches the material and makes your tuxedo pants look sloppy. It is just as easy to ask your wife or significant other to hold these items in her purse. Though your top concern is to look good while wearing it, taking care of your tuxedo when it’s just on a coat hanger is equally as important. A tux isn’t made for everyday wear, and chances are it will be hanging in your closet more often that it would be on your body. The most important thing when storing your tux is making sure it is clean. I know that seems obvious, but I cannot stress it enough. When you’re at a party or a wedding, there is a good chance that something will end up spilling. It doesn’t matter if it’s your fault or a friend’s, it’s bound to happen. If it does, try to not let the stain set. Use a moist cloth (preferably cold) to dab at the stain and remove what you can. When the night is over and you are ready to put your tux away for a while, make sure you dry clean it first. Dry cleaning your tuxedo after you wear it will keep it intact for longer. It’s also suggested that you should dry clean your suit once a season, if not more. Besides keeping it clean, there are other important things to keep in mind when storing your tuxedo. First, when hanging up your tux, make sure it’s in a dry place. It’s worth purchasing a quality garment bag for storage purposes. You should make sure to use a sturdy hanger as well – the last thing you want is to find your tux crumpled on the floor! Adding mothballs is also a good idea. The smell is easy enough to get rid of; holes in your suit, not so much. As for the tux itself, make sure to clean out your pockets before hanging it up. While occasionally finding some long forgotten cash is nice, you don’t want anything in there that could potentially stretch out fabric. It is also suggested to keep it unbuttoned while hanging. This will help it remain in good form, and also prevents the fabric from loosening up. Make sure to have sufficient space for your tuxedo to hang. While you don’t need an entire closet dedicated to your tux, squishing it in will cause unnecessary creases. A classy tuxedo for important occasions is something every man should own. If you are willing to spend money on quality, then taking proper care of it should go without saying.

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