Get the Look: Broad City as Dumb & Dumber on Jimmy Kimmel

If you’ve seen the Broad City TV show, you won’t be surprised by the hilarious situations its kinetic stars,  Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, find themselves in. The duo play two twenty-something friends living in New York City. The first TV episode of Broad City aired last year, and Glazer and Jacobsen were recently invited to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live for the first time. How did they commemorate this important milestone in their careers? Why, by showing up in exact replicas of the tuxedos that Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels immortalized in Dumb and Dumber. Maybe orange is the new black? The pair confessed that they had originally planned to wear “gorgeous” dresses, “the best dresses we had ever bought for ourselves….but then, we said, ‘No.’” The pair decided instead to shoot for “old Hollywood charm.” The duo said they splurged on a nameless stylist who “got it.” While they confessed that they had “never worked with a stylist before,” they pronounced themselves happy with the look. Kimmel hailed their fashion choice by remarking that the tuxes reminded him of his “high school band uniform,” but confessed that, “whatever thinking led to this, you really scored in a big way.” The comediennes wore matching tuxedos, the only discernible difference being that one was in neon orange, and the other in baby blue. Every element of the tuxedos was either orange or blue – from the top hats, to the bow ties, to the shirts, and right down to the cummerbunds and shoes. They even accessorized with orange and blue walking sticks. While you might not be planning to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live, you, too, can get this styling look. Many occasions just cry out for a Dumb and Dumber Orange Tuxedo – a Halloween bash, a bachelor party, a talent competition. Or, if you’re getting married soon, you might employ a tactic that brides have been using for years: you can make good and sure that you’re the most attractive man in the wedding party by dressing your friends in Dumb and Dumber Blue Tuxedos. Polyester, baby! Don't forget canes! [caption id="attachment_2865" align="aligncenter" width="290"]ddb Be Jeff Daniels in the light blue tux![/caption] Glazer and Jacobsen’s fashion look has been met with generally favorable reactions, with tweeting that “Broad City wore Dumb and Dumber tuxedos on Jimmy Kimmel Live like a couple of super geniuses.” While your neon tuxedo stylings may not be televised, one thing’s for sure: everyone in the room will know that you’re not just another pretty face in a penguin suit. Your orange or blue tuxedo will tell the world that you are a true maverick. Others will no doubt recognize your subtle tribute to a great film, which also proves that you’re not just a sharp dresser, but a connoisseur of the beaux arts. [caption id="attachment_2866" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Grab the attention of everyone in the room! Grab the attention of everyone in the room![/caption] Broad City proved once again that these classic looks just never go out of style. And that there’s just something about a tuxedo. Even if it’s neon orange.

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