Keeping up Appearances in Troublesome Weather

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="266"] Even Leonardo Dicaprio knows how to look good on a rainy day.[/caption] The weather is a mysterious thing. You step out of your house after watching the daily weather report expecting nothing but sunshine and clear blue sky, and instead you are greeted by heavy downpour. Sometimes our climate goes through unexpected changes, leaving us confused and ultimately taking a toll on our plans. This can be most problematic when getting ready for a stunning event or occasion that calls for formal attire. Dressing in formal wear in inclement weather seems like a daunting task, but with these these few tips, you'll be up for the challenge. If you know that the weather is going to be dismal at best, plan ahead. Don't be foolish and overestimate your ability to keep calm and collected. Your clothes do not hold the same air of worry free attitude. Always check the weather before attending your next formal occasion. It can ruin your best tuxedo if you aren't careful. Do not wear a white tuxedo during bad weather. If there's already snow on the ground and a clear cut path for you to walk in, your tuxedo may suffer no damage. But be wary. Although it may not be snowing, the winter streets are often cluttered with muck and residue left over from last night's storm. Consider wearing a slim fit tuxedo to ensure that your pants aren't dragging in the snow behind you. A proper fit is the key to a successful tuxedo. You may make the mistake of stepping in snow and salt leftovers, which will leave your shoes open to cracking or becoming dried out. To salvage your tuxedo shoes before disastrous weather strikes, apply a protective stray so your shoes will not retain water damage. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="403"] Be prepared for severe weather.[/caption] Keeping the weather in mind, carefully choose your tuxedos. Darker colors always work best. A nice midnight blue tuxedo or traditional black tuxedo will always work well in bad weather. If you happen to get a bit of rain or wet spots from snow they will dry in a nicer fashion on dark fabrics as opposed to staining a very lightly colored tuxedo. Stay as far away from white as you can. If you're looking for something a little lighter, put those grey skies behind you and wear a grey tuxedo to your formal event. Grey allows for a dark enough hue to offset the weather while allowing you to be more bold and extravagant with your formal wear accessories. Do not hesitate to bring an evening coat or jacket in a classic color. A signature trench coat and stylish umbrella will do wonders for your ensemble and keep you dry all at the same time.

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