Men's Formal Wear: Fashion Trends for Fall 2012

Finally we emerge from beneath the oppressive heat of the summer sun and into the salvation of fall. It's a relief, is it not? Well, unless you yearn to wear that white dinner jacket, we suppose, in which case we offer our most sincere condolences. Wherever your season allegiances are though, surely we can all agree on the joy of one of the more exciting facets of the northern hemisphere's shift toward autumn: a new season for men's formal fashion. After all, fall is always a great time for us because it brings with it an embrace of a more mature color palette, leaving us well-dressed gentlemen with a bevy of beautiful choices at our disposal both in terms of tuxedos and formal accessories. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="327" caption="Deep shades of red are a staple of fall fashion."][/caption] First and foremost, of course, is the emergence of rich, dark purples and similarly deep shades of red. One look at our selection of tuxedo vests, ties, and cummerbunds shows that there's a little bit of a thematic element to this season's trends, too, what with colors like raisin, claret, merlot, plum, sangria, and berry drawing our immediate attention. Special mention goes to the luxurious lapis accessories we offer as well, which we couldn't include above out of concern that it would ruin our neat fruit and wine theme, not because it fails to stun.  Speaking of ties though, we're also thrilled to notice that 4-in-hand ties (long neckties) are being relegated to suits and proms while the most fashion-wise gentlemen make their move toward fully embracing the bow tie as the neck accessory of choice. This is a really exciting movement for us as we've missed seeing bow ties everywhere and could not be more enthusiastic about witnessing the next level of their reemergence this fall and winter. Last but not least, even tuxedos themselves are being revitalized by the cooler, richer sophistication of this coming season. Expect to see some really beautiful dark blue tuxedos appearing among the standard black ones, specifically midnight blue and navy blue. What do you think about this fall season's formal wear trends? Are you like us and eagerly anticipating what the world will do with these resplendent colors, or are you of another perspective? Either way, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

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