Men's Formal Wear: Festive Options For The Holiday Season

[caption id="attachment_1344" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="Adding a dash of color to your outfit will instantly brighten up your formal wear look."][/caption] With any holiday season comes many occasions that require you to dress up. Have an office holiday party coming up? Make a good impression with a smart look. Perhaps your girlfriend has invited you to a cocktail party on New Year's eve, and you know she wants you to dress nicely. Or maybe you are single, and just want to have some fun while looking classy. No matter what the occasion, having options is always a good idea. There are certain looks that will help you stand out in all the right ways during the holidays. Nothing quite says festive like the bright reds and greens of Christmas. When going to a formal party, try adding a seasonable splash of color to your wardrobe. For example, with a scarlet striped satin cummerbund set, you can easily show off your class and your holiday spirit. For those who don’t feel like the cummerbund look is for you, there are other options. A simple, red silk bow tie or necktie would easily fit the bill as well. When dressing up, there are only a few things more sophisticated than a nice tuxedo vest. From the look to the feel, it can tie an entire outfit together. Continuing with the color theme, for the holidays a red silk tuxedo vest can be very appealing. Not only is it a festive look, it is also flattering. A form fitting vest is a slimming look, and the deep red will complement a classic, 2-button black tuxedo jacket. When adding color to a formal outfit, one tends to think immediately of vests and ties. However, don’t limit yourself to those options – there are plenty of ways to spice things up.  A pair of patent leather tuxedo shoes in black and red is not only perfect for the holiday season, but a stylish look for any time of the year. There is no doubt you will stand out when strutting your way through any holiday party. Paired with a red formal walking stick, these shoes are sure to have you walking your way right under the mistletoe. Finally, to complete your look, a good pair of cufflinks can be the perfect addition to your holiday wardrobe. Wearing cufflinks shows a certain amount of class, and completes any outfit. Whether they are simple traditional cufflinks or ones that show off your personality, adding them to your attire will be worth it. A fun, festive option is a pair of martini glass cufflinks - this will show off your sophisticated yet fun side. Match it with limited edition "Cocktails Anyone?" Braces by Trafalgar and you'll surely be an ice breaker. With a little green olive and tiny martinis adding a dash of color, these items help show that you know how to have a good time. Matching any of these items together will give you a smart and stylish holiday look that no one will forget. You will make your girlfriend satisfied, your boss impressed, and most importantly,  it will make you happy. Don’t let people think you are a scrooge -spruce up your holiday wardrobe, and show off your festive spirit!

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