Sports and Men's Fashion Collide at the 2011 ESPY Awards

Where there is an entertainment outlet, there is an awards show, and the world of sports makes no exception of itself. Last night marked the 19th iteration of the ESPN-presented ESPY awards, similarly acronymed lest one forgets where to watch them. We kid. Just as many athletes are known for living larger than life, so too do they dress to the limits of style and beyond. We went into watching this event with an eager expectation of the unexpected, unbelievable and inconceivable examples of men's fashion that almost define such affairs. Overall, the night was alive with color and personality. While some men, like New York Nicks power forward Amare Stoudemire, impressed the crowd in a classic tuxedo styled with black tie sensibilities, the majority of men in attendance dressed to be different. Of course even Stoudemire himself bucked formality, as he was also seen sporting a more casual look of a different jacket — sleeves pushed up to his elbows — worn with a black t-shirt and a large gold chain, bracelet and wristwatch. Leading the pack with everyone's focus was the notably eccentric San Francisco Giants' pitcher, Brian Wilson. Opting to forgo formalwear, at least in the traditional sense, he instead donned a rather form-fitting spandex tuxedo, complete with silver jewelry, a fancy black cane, and a bright orange clip-on bow tie. Don't try this one at home, gentlemen; though his unique choice was received with positivity toward its cheeky quirkiness, lightning won't strike spandex twice. At least, that's what we're hoping. Oh please, let us be right. Elsewhere at the event, Dallas Maverick Shawn Marion wore a pink pinstripe shirt and a navy floral tie beneath a saturated blue jacket, while Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat opted for a white suit and pastel green tie to complement his own pink and white checkerboard shirt. Quarterback Tim Tebow looked plum in his own checker patterned shirt, which he wore with a loose tie and black vest. Black and gray were the colors of the night, though blues made their own attempt at dominance, and with gentlemen dressed from the strictest standards to casually unbuttoned takes on formal attire, the ESPY awards weren't just about rewarding athletics; they were about the sport of style.

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