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Men's Formal Wear Looks for Fall and Winter 2014

Men’s formal wear fashions change with the season, and if you want to look stylish at your next special event, you need to keep up. Find out what men’s formal wear looks are the most popular for Fall and Winter 2014, and dress to impress at your upcoming holiday party. Black and White Although a few pops of color are in style for Fall/Winter 2014 men’s formal wear looks, for the most part, runways are filled with black and white. Designers like Casely-Hayford, Todd Snyder, and Agi & Sam are all featuring primarily black and white outfits in their collections, and...

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Wristwatches and Men’s Formal Wear

[caption id="attachment_96" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Wristwatches and Men’s Formal Wear"][/caption]The wristwatch has been a mainstay for centuries. There are ultra precise Swiss wristwatches, ultra expensive babbles such as those made by Rolex and ultra affordable watches made by companies such as Timex. Often when we talk about men’s formal wear, we are concerned about cufflinks and studs and, sometimes other types of jewelry such as rings. But what about the wristwatch? Sport Watches Have you ever seen a sport watch that looks fashionable? Sport watches tend to be the ugly the cousin of timekeeping when it comes to wrist wear. If...

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