The Art of Choosiness: Best Man Edition

Good day, gentlemen. Today we are going to begin by stating something so obvious that it's long staked its claim as a persevering cliché: a man's wedding is one of the most important days of his life. This of course means that it can't simply be easy. Following his decision to propose, a man is immediately faced with a lengthy string of decisions that ultimately begins and ends with his selection of a best man. Best men can be an unpredictable breed. While some rise to the occasion with all the grace and valor expected of one man who has devoted himself to ushering another into the world of matrimony, others... well, we're going to let this video finish that thought for us. Generally speaking, a good best man can influence and encourage the success of a wedding, but unless he's domineering control-taker his power ends there. On the other hand, as seen above, all it takes is one unfortunate misstep to wash the event clean of romance.


So what should you look out for (and look to avoid) when selecting a best man? First and foremost, one can never undervalue the forces of friendship and true brotherhood. The best man should be devoted to weathering the inevitable planning storm, and he should work to ensure that the wedding won't be turned to a tumultuous affair. In other words, the man who tends to give half efforts — jovial though he may be — could make a poor choice. That one reliable guy you know however, the one who never thinks twice before offering 100% of himself with a 10% loyalty bonus, might just make all the difference between satisfaction and excellence. Since the best man's main duties are to keep the rings safe (and dry), deliver a crowd-pleasing toast, and organize the groom-to-be's last stand — a.k.a. the bachelor party — it's also wise to find one with whom you are familiar and can relate with on a casual level. Of course, it always helps to have a fashion-conscious best man by your side; they could prove to be an invaluable source for decisions on the perfect tuxedo shoes and tuxedo accessories. Finally, it's not easy being a best man; it can be rather time-consuming, particularly as the wedding approaches. Chronically busy men might not have the freedom to be as gung-ho about your wedding as either of you would like, so it might be wise to take your candidates' schedules into account. In the end though, selecting a best man is all a matter of determining who you want by your side as you're preparing to swear your hand and heart away. And all joking aside about the gentleman above who put a bit of a damper on things, we're willing to wager that the groom wouldn't take back his decision, even if his best man took the most unorthodox path possible to ensuring a memorable wedding.

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